Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a major machinery manufacturer, has decided to abolish seniority and introduce a new personnel system in which wages are determined by results.

It is intended for all employees, including those who work in factories, etc., with the aim of motivating employees and connecting them to competitiveness in new fields.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has decided to abolish the seniority system that raises salaries according to years of service from April and introduce a new personnel system that emphasizes roles and achievements.

Evaluation is performed based on the goals set by the company and oneself and the roles given, and wages and bonuses are determined according to the results.

Approximately 17,000 employees, including not only clerical workers but also employees at production sites who are required to accumulate skills, are targeted. As a company, the aviation-related business is sluggish due to the impact of the new coronavirus, and employees The aim is to motivate and lead to competitiveness in new fields such as decarbonization.

Mitsubishi Chemical, a major chemical manufacturer, has also decided to introduce a new personnel system that determines treatment for all employees based on their roles and achievements, and there is a move to review the personnel system even in the manufacturing industry, which has many technical employees. is spreading.