Following a coup d'etat in Myanmar, Toyota Motor Corp. announced that it would delay the start of operations of its new local plant, which was originally scheduled for February.

A military coup is affecting local business activities.

Toyota Motor decided to build a new factory in Myanmar, where the new car market was growing rapidly, and planned to start operation of the factory and assemble pickup trucks by the end of this month.

However, on February 1, just before the start of operations, the military took full control in Myanmar through a coup d'etat, and protests are continuing among the citizens who oppose it.

Under these circumstances, Toyota announced on the 25th that the operation of the new plant, which was originally planned, will be delayed during this month.

In Myanmar, logistics are stagnant due to political instability after the coup d'etat and the expansion of protests, and it is difficult for companies to ensure the safety of their employees.

It seems that Toyota also decided that it would be difficult for the plant to operate normally, and will consider when to start operation while observing the local situation.

Myanmar is also called "the last frontier in Asia", and investment by foreign companies has accelerated with the progress of democratization, but the military coup has also affected local business activities.