Home office and homeschooling are no longer foreign words in Corona times, but are commonplace in many places.

but how does it continue?

Even after the pandemic, many companies are expanding the home office offer for their employees - that much is already certain.

But not all companies provide their employees with the right equipment.

About a decent notebook.

And what qualifies better for the home office than a large 17-inch laptop?

A copy like the one Aldi is offering from February 25 with the Medion Akoya S17404 (MD 63700).

The test of the new Aldi notebook by "Computer Bild" shows what it is good for.

Medion Akoya S17404: Aldi notebook really big


With its dimensions of 39.9 x 26.6 centimeters, the Aldi notebook takes up roughly the area of ​​an A3 page, at the thickest point it measures 2.5 centimeters, almost as much as three iPad 10.2 superimposed.

The Medion Akoya S17404 weighs exactly 2169 grams - that sounds like a lot, but it is not much for a 17-inch notebook.

Great, there are no long arms either, if you have to go to the office again - provided you have such a large work bag.

On the left, the Medion Akoya S17403 has the power connection for charging the battery, an HDMI socket, two USB 3.1 ports and a USB-C socket with DisplayPort technology

Source: Computer Bild

On its almost 44 centimeter screen diagonal, the Aldi notebook shows websites, programs, photos and videos in full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels.

If desired, the display can be reproduced with high contrast (1008: 1), but with falsified colors (color fidelity: 90.8 percent).


This is not noticeable in Internet and office applications, but it is noticeable when editing photos and videos.

Okay: In the test, the picture change took place in 14 milliseconds, there are no ugly streaks in action-packed movie scenes.

Comet Lake CPU under the hood

Proven home cooking works inside the new Aldi notebook Medion Akoya S17404:


Processor: The

heart of the Aldi notebook is Intel's Core 5-10210U - a quad-core from the Comet Lake U series.



Graphics chip:

The image reproduction on the 17-inch display is calculated by the UHD Graphics 620 graphics chip housed in the CPU. The Aldi notebook does not have a separate unit.

The inner workings: Comet Lake processor Core i5-10210U (1), fan (2), 8 GB RAM (3), M.2 SSD (4), space for retrofitting a 2.5-inch SSD (5 ) and the battery (6) 

Source: Computer Bild


Main memory:

The processor may temporarily transfer data to an 8 gigabyte main memory.



The Medion Akoya S17404 has a fast M.2 SSD with an effective 477 gigabyte memory for programs and data.

That is how fast the Aldi notebook works

Is the Aldi notebook a lame duck?


The Medion Akoya S17404 worked nice and fast in the test.

It even did photo and video editing of smartphone clips without long waiting times, and it is almost overqualified for internet and office applications.

It's just not good for playing current games - the graphics chip housed in the CPU is far too weak for that.

Also good: The Medion didn't break a sweat in the test, the built-in hardware also has enough room and air to breathe in the large notebook.

It remained comparatively cool on the bottom and back even under full load (21.4 / 11.2 degrees difference to the ambient temperature).

On the right there is a headset connection, a USB 2.0 socket for separate keyboards, mice or printers and a memory card reader

Source: Computer Bild

A pleasant side effect: the fan did not have to force components such as the processor loudly and thus protect them from death by heat.

The Medion therefore worked very quietly in the test (maximum 1.3 sons).

Medion Akoya S17404 has little stamina

The Medion doesn't have too much breath for that.

The battery life was okay, but not outstanding: it took around three and a half hours to work without a power socket, while it was just under five hours for video playback.

Incidentally, the battery was filled again in two hours and 20 minutes - that is a short charging time!


It's a shame: there would have been room for a larger battery in the notebook than the 42 watt-hour model used.

Medion has dedicated this space to a slot for 2.5-inch SSDs or hard drives, but has not provided any SATA or power connections.

So this slot is useless.

Good for that: There are many connections available.

If you want to use a separate mouse instead of the touchpad, you will find a USB 2.0 socket on the notebook.

There are two USB 3.1 ports for external hard drives and one USB-C port for external SSDs.

And if you want to dock a monitor for a larger work surface, connect it either via HDMI or USB-C connection - it works with DisplayPort technology.


The Aldi notebook is almost perfect for the home office: It offers a large 17-inch screen that offered decent picture quality in the test.

The pace of work is fast and the notebook stays quiet and cool even under full load.

The equipment with many connections and a fast SSD was convincing, but the battery life is expandable.

If you use the 17-inch device primarily as a replacement for a desktop PC, you can live with it, as it is then attached to the power supply unit anyway.


high work pace, stays nice and quiet and cool even under load, USB-C connection with DisplayPort technology

Weaknesses: The

battery life can be extended, not suitable for games

Test grade:

satisfactory (2.8)


599 euros

Test table Medion Akoya S17404 (MD 63700)

Source: Computer Bild

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