A group of 65 regional departments of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN) is calling on catering entrepreneurs to open the terraces next Tuesday.

Food and beverage outlets must remain closed due to the lockdown, but according to the action group, that rule is pointless for outdoor areas.

The catering industry is angry because shops can partly open again, but restaurants and cafes are not.

Many catering entrepreneurs are close to despair, as they have had no or less income for months.

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Moreover, KHN believes that the government does not sufficiently consult with the sector and communicates poorly about the measures.

"Certainly after seeing the images from last weekend and the past days. Hardly or no enforcement, but full parks throughout the country", says initiator and catering entrepreneur Johan de Vos.


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The catering industry decided not to take any action in January due to contamination figures

In January, a group of catering entrepreneurs in North Brabant in particular threatened to open their doors.

But this was decided against because of the high contamination figures.

Now that the cabinet has announced easing, the cafes believe that they deserve some leeway after all these months.

The catering bosses say that the limit has been reached and that the cabinet decision to keep things closed for longer is not tenable.

The entrepreneurs also state that the corona rules are hardly enforced.


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