Sharp announced that it will sell all of its 23% stake in Sakai Display Products, an affiliated company that manufactures large LCD panels for TVs.

"Sakai Display Products" was originally established by Sharp in 2009 as the world's largest LCD panel factory with an investment of 430 billion yen.

After that, the company fell into a financial crisis and became a subsidiary of Taiwan's "Hon Hai Precision Industry", but a part of the shares of this factory was sold to the investment company of Mr. Terry Gou, the top management at that time. ..

Currently, it is operated jointly with an overseas investment company.

On the 25th, Sharp announced that it would sell all of its 23% stake in the affiliate.

Regarding the reason for the sale, he explained, "It is necessary to continuously invest a large amount of money in the production of LCD panels, but by separating the business, the risk of investment can be reduced and the management can be stabilized."

The company to which the product is sold and the amount sold are not disclosed.

The factory produces LCD panels for Sharp's large 40-inch to 70-inch TVs, and also sells panels to overseas manufacturers.

Sharp will continue to procure LCD panels from this factory even after the sale.