After the holiday, many popular airline ticket prices "diving"

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Lin Lishuang) After the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, the air ticket prices remained low.

From February to March, air tickets on some popular routes were reduced by 1%, and air tickets on some popular domestic routes fell to the "cabbage price", which was equivalent to the price of a hard-seat train ticket.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily found that in the next 30 days, the air ticket from Beijing to many popular cities in China will only be a "cabbage price" of 10% off.

Among them, the economy class ticket from Beijing to Hangzhou is 1.2 off 277 yuan, the economy class ticket from Beijing to Sanya is 1.4 off 400 yuan, and the economy class ticket from Beijing to Guangzhou is 1.3 off 298 yuan.

  For example, on March 15th, the train ticket Z281 from Beijing to Hangzhou costs 192 yuan for a hard seat and 328 yuan for a hard sleeper; the second-class fare for the high-speed rail G39 is 599.5 yuan; the cheapest air ticket that day is only 277 yuan. It is equivalent to half of the high-speed rail fare.

  However, in the context of epidemic prevention and control, nucleic acid testing is still standard equipment in and out of various places.

Open the ticket purchase software, and after searching for the destination, a "travel reminder" will pop up. Many places clearly require that people entering and returning from low-risk areas in China must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate 7 days before.

Beijing and other places also require domestic personnel from low-risk areas to implement health monitoring for 14 days after arriving in Beijing, and carry out nucleic acid tests every 7 days and 14 days.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned that February to March was originally the traditional off-season for civil aviation travel. Beijing's inbound and outbound air tickets operate at low prices, and it is even cheaper to fly by plane than by high-speed rail.

As the weather gets warmer, the number of tourists going out is gradually increasing. It is expected that the ticket price will increase slightly by the Ching Ming holiday.

  According to the data released by Feiyou Technology, the "Analysis of Passengers' Travel Intention after the Spring Festival in 2021" released by CAPSE, more than half of the tourists who have not returned home during the Spring Festival have plans to return home after the Spring Festival. .

  According to the Ctrip travel app, the air ticket from Beijing to Kunming remained at a low level of 360 yuan in March, and it rose to 750 yuan at the end of March and early April near the Ching Ming Festival, which was more than doubled, and before the May Day holiday. Rose to 700 yuan.

Many people said that they had to hurry up to stock up on tickets while the fares did not increase significantly.