Mitsubishi Outlander -


While the brand has just said goodbye to the European market, it seems that it could make a comeback thanks to the impetus of Renault and Nissan, the other manufacturers of the Alliance of which it is part.

Owned at 34% of the second, Mitsubishi could manufacture its models for the Old Continent at Renault.

An agreement drawn up in France will be discussed on Thursday, February 25, during an exceptional board of directors.

However, it seems that the issue, very politicized in France, somewhat frightens the Japanese.

So nothing is established, but it would make sense.

We have never fully understood Mitsubishi's decision not to take advantage of the growing success of plug-in hybrids in Europe, even though its Outlander SUV has been a pioneer in the field since 2014, and enjoys an excellent reputation.

The new generation, illustrated above, has also just been launched in Asia.

Hopefully we will see it on our roads.


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