• Revolution on Wall Street From Thatcher's 'Popular Capitalism' to Reddit and GameStop's 'Populist Capitalism'

  • GameStop animal spirits and conspiracies on social networks

Second part of the 'soap opera' from the video game store company


After three weeks of falling, the company's shares have appreciated 103.94% today, in an unstoppable rise that has led the New York Stock Exchange, where it is registered, to suspend its listing.

Even with this rise, the share price is at $ 91.70 (75.36 euros), less than a quarter of what it reached at the end of January.

GameStop is the battlefield between small investors organized spontaneously in the


social network

who invest in the Stock Market through apps - the most popular is


- that do not charge commission, and several large

hedge funds.

The former have opted for the rise in value;

the funds, for their descent.

The January rally resulted in million-dollar losses for the funds, one of which, Melvin Capital, needed to be bailed out by another,


The ups and downs of GameStop have unleashed a tremendous controversy, which some have characterized as the struggle of the small investor against the giants that control Wall Street, while for others it is nothing more than an irrational speculative mania.

This morning,

Berkshire Hathaway

conglomerate 'number two'

Charlie Munger

said that individual investors who are buying and selling GameStop titles - often on the same day -

"have a horse racing gambler mentality,"

and that "We are crazy to allow such a thing."

Last week, the United States Congress held a hearing on the GameStop case involving, among others, Robinhood Co-Founder and Chief

Executive Officer Vladimir Tenev,


Chief Executive


Ken Griffin,

and the creator of the photo. of Reddit in which the buyers of Keith Patrick Gill converge, better known by his pseudonym in the



(literally, ValueDuckDepth).

The only possible reason for the increase is the replacement of GameStop's chief financial officer,

Jim Bel,

who receives a compensation of 2.8 million dollars (2.3 million euros).

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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