Yesterday the share closed the trading day at a price of EUR 53.60.

At the start of today's trading day, the price is currently on a downward trend at EUR 52.50.

Compared to yesterday's closing price, this is a minus of 2.05%.

The trading volume is not yet sufficient for a reliable forecast of the further course of trading.

Vonovia SE shares are currently 16.32 percent below their 52-week high, which was EUR 62.74.

The 52-week low was EUR 34.50.


All of the freely tradable Vonovia shares are currently valued at EUR 30.34 billion.

This means that the company's free float market capitalization with a weighting of 2.22% is taken into account in the index formation.

SAP currently has the highest market value in the Dax with a market capitalization of 124.02 billion euros.

In the fiscal year that ended for Vonovia SE on December 31, 2018, sales of EUR 6.50 billion and a profit of EUR 6.50 billion were posted.

Data: EOD Historical Data / As of: Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 10:55 a.m.

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