Council of Ministers

announced this Tuesday the call for subsidies amounting to

13,883,890 euros

for trade union organizations for 2021. The

Pedro Sánchez


thus unfreezes the amount that it had until now inherited from its predecessor and gives it a strong

boost of 53%,

since until last year it amounted to

8,883,890 euros.

The subsidies are due to union activity and will be distributed practically between


according to their representativeness, as

La Información

has advanced


In the last union elections, the CCOO was the majority union organization in Spain.

The announced disbursement is annual and has been frozen since 2013, when the financial crisis generalized cuts in all areas of the Administration.

It so happens that the concession comes after an intense year of social dialogue that has led to successive agreements signed with the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, in whom the unions have lost some confidence as a result of the frustrated rise in the SMI on last December.

Díaz opted to impose an increase in the minimum wage on the Government but the intervention of Vice President

Nadia Calviño

stopped his plan in its tracks and did so, in addition, until further notice.

In response, CCOO and UGT have carried out the first mobilizations against the same coalition government that they supported.

The mobilizations, announced their leaders, will continue until the government fulfills its electoral promises, which are to raise the


and repeal the labor and pension reforms.

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