The Government Spokesperson,

María Jesús Montero

, has defended the Government's actions in the case of Abengoa's bankruptcy and has pointed out other participants in its rescue, including the banks and the Board, as possible responsible for the situation.

In Montero's opinion, the Executive has done "its duties and tasks" to maintain the viability of the Andalusian firm, which it has supported "at all times," as he explained in a press conference after the Council of Ministers collected by Europe Press.

Thus, it would be other participants who would have to "explain why they have not been in the same degree of commitment."

The spokeswoman also recalled that the Government has always "reached out" to the company and was predisposed to contribute 400 million euros for a group restructuring plan.

He also recalled that the company itself pointed out in its communication to the CNMV that if it could not complete the operation it was due to a lack of a longer term on the part of the financial entities and due to the contribution of

20 million

from the Junta de Andalucía for the plan of rescue.

This, Montero regretted, "did not materialize" and, in any case, "it was an amount infinitely lower than that which the Government of Spain itself wanted to raise."

"We have tried to be part of this solution, but other actors that had to participate have not fulfilled the expectations or commitments that the company itself had raised."

For his part, Juanma Moreno, president of the Junta de Andalucía, rejected the responsibility of the Andalusian Government in the situation of Abengoa, which, he recalled, has a debt of "

almost 6,000 million euros


Moreno explained that given the magnitude of the debt, the 20 million requested from the board "that we cannot give due to the regulations" would not have contributed "practically in any way to improve the company's situation."

In addition, Moreno assured that the Board will be by Abengoa's side "in every question that it requests and can address" and has shown confidence that a viability plan will be achieved "that will give the company a future."

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