China News Service, February 23. According to the "Shijiazhuang Release" WeChat official account, the Shijiazhuang City Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau issued a notice on the 23rd, stating that the current situation of Shijiazhuang City's epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, and the management and control should be implemented according to the divisions In principle, release the list of the second batch of open tourist attractions.

All open scenic spots must continue to strictly implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control, and earnestly do a good job in identification and registration of ID cards.

List of the second batch of open scenic spots

  The notice pointed out that the reopened A-level tourist attractions strictly implement appointments, shift peaks, and limit inflows to the park, and do a good job in the identification and registration of the second-generation ID card of tourists. The number of tourists received does not exceed 50% of the maximum carrying capacity of the scenic spot.

  The notice stated that all A-level tourist attractions should set up epidemic prevention and control reminders in prominent locations such as visitor centers, entrances and exits to remind visitors to make appointments on the platform, register with real names, wear masks, measure body temperature, show health codes, and use "Changyouji" and "Lexiangji" "WeChat Mini Programs are used to verify entry and exit.

Keep the distance between people in places such as ticket purchase, sightseeing, and rest, strengthen order management, and prevent people from gathering.

Refer to implementation for non-A-level tourist attractions.