Trading ended yesterday at EUR 206.60.

With the start of today's trading day, the price is currently under pressure at EUR 204.50.

Compared to yesterday's closing price, this is a minus of 1.02%.

It is not yet possible to say how the value will develop because the trading volume is still too small.

The share of the industrial gas manufacturer is currently 9.27 percent below its 52-week high, which was 225.39 euros.

The 52-week low was 128.60 euros.


Linde is in second place in the most important German stock market index, and not just because of its 80,000 employees (as of December 2018).

Due to the market value of the industrial gas manufacturer of 109.22 billion euros, the company has a weighting of 7.98% when calculating the Dax.

Only SAP with a current market capitalization of 124.02 billion euros has more weight (free float market capitalization) in the Dax.

In the financial year that ended for Linde PLC on December 31, 2018, sales of 26.10 billion euros and a profit of 3.70 billion euros were posted.

Data: EOD Historical Data / As of: Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 10:55 a.m.

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