Lebanon: controversy after vaccination of deputies in Parliament in violation of procedure

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In Lebanon, the administration of the anti-Covid vaccine to about fifteen deputies, in violation of the vaccination process, provoked the anger of the population and a heated controversy involving the World Bank, which financed the purchase of the doses.


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With our correspondent in Beirut,

Paul Khalifeh

Thousands of Lebanese have been unleashed on social networks against the political class, accusing it of corruption and favoritism after the vaccination on Tuesday in the Parliament of 16 deputies and five senior officials of the House.

The president of the national vaccination campaign denounced a "

 serious fault 

" and a " 


" of the strategy put in place to administer the vaccine.

He announced his intention to resign before retracting a few hours later.

The Secretary General of the Parliament clarified that the deputies, aged over 70, had been vaccinated " 

according to the procedure

 ", ensuring that their turn had come.

But these words did not convince public opinion, the media or even the World Bank, which financed the purchase of the vaccines.

The director of the international institution for the Middle East affirmed on Twitter that the methods of inoculation of these deputies "

did not respect the national plan decided in agreement with the World Bank


He spoke of "

violations of the conditions established to ensure fair and equitable vaccination

" and recalled that "

everyone must wait their turn



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