The first thing you notice about the Insta360 Go camera is its size.

Because this sets it apart from almost all other action cams.

It is only slightly larger than a USB stick or a little finger, only slightly shorter.

And that is also the name of the camera's greatest strength: It is so small that it can actually be attached anywhere.

It also weighs only 18.3 grams.

The scope of delivery includes all kinds of accessories to attach the tiny camera in all possible places.

This usually works with magnetic sockets, so that it is really tight.

It even holds headbands with a clip.

With a small magnetic plate under clothing, the Insta360 Go can be held at chest height on a shirt or sweater.

The manufacturer likes to advertise this.

Because if the camera is on the front of the body, it can be activated at any time with the push of a finger and then records a video.


However, here the effect occurs that you could observe some time ago with the Google Glass, the glasses that could also take photos.

The environment simply feels observed - and reacts repellent.

And that's nicely worded.


Insta360 Go

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One button confuses the user

The Insta360 Go can take photos and videos at normal speed, in slow motion and in fast motion.

However, the small size of the camera leads to some compromises.

There is no display and only a single button.

This button now starts different recording modes, depending on whether it is pressed once, twice or three times, also depending on whether the camera was already switched on or off.

This can confuse the wearer because he or she does not see what the camera is doing.

A blink and a vibration just indicate that it is doing something.


The result can be viewed in the app, which is available for Apple's iPhones and iPads as well as for Android smartphones.

To do this, the camera has to be put in a case, as is known from wireless earphones.

This case also charges the camera.

The Insta360 Go lasts about an hour on one charge.

The case has a Lightning connector and can be plugged directly into an iPhone.

A micro USB to USB-C cable is included for Android smartphones.

Format can be changed in the app

The Insta360 Pro records videos with a length of 15, 30 or 60 seconds.

Time-lapse recordings run for half an hour to produce a five-minute video.

The camera records the films in different resolutions depending on the mode.

However, when they are transferred to the app, they are in full HD resolution.


In the app, the format can also be changed from 16: 9 to 1: 1 or 9:16.

Photos are exported in 16: 9 format with around 3.6 megapixels.

In the 4: 3 format there are almost five megapixels.

The lens is an extremely wide angle, as you know it from action cameras.

The image stabilization works very well in the video, Insta360 calls it "FlowState".

It doesn't matter at all whether the camera is aligned vertically, upside down or turned a little to the side.

The perspective is always balanced.

This also makes time-lapse recordings excellent.

The short videos can be cut together in the smartphone app.

There are plenty of transitions available for this.

However, the app is not very clear.

Conclusion: The Insta360 Go is not a replacement for an action cam, the functions are too limited for that.

For example, a normal video cannot currently last longer than 60 seconds.

However, if you are looking for a camera that you want to mount in impossible places, you won't go wrong with the Insta360 Go.

It is kept simple and can withstand a brief immersion in water.

However, it is not really waterproof.

So you shouldn't take them with you for diving.

Unfortunately, there is no higher 4K resolution.

The app also has some potential.

This article was first published in November 2019.