Anyone who comes onto the market with a small video camera today has to come up with a lot to compete against smartphones that are now making very good films.

With the Osmo Pocket 2, the Chinese manufacturer DJI thinks it can do just that.

The test shows that he does this very well.

Not necessarily because of the video quality - smartphones can do that too.

The test shows that the new Osmo Pocket 2 is above all a sound artist.

Externally, the new model hardly differs from its two-year-old predecessor.

At 117 grams, it's just as light and the size of a chocolate bar so compact.

The camera records in the high 4K resolution with 60 frames per second.


DJI has improved the autofocus, which is now faster and more accurate.

The lens is brighter and has a slightly larger field of view, which is helpful for selfie shots.

Although the image sensor has become a bit larger, the quality of the images quickly deteriorates when it gets darker.

The Osmo Pocket 2 now takes photos with a maximum of 64 megapixels.

Still impressive is the three-axis stabilizer, which makes it almost impossible to shoot a shaky video.

This gimbal is the specialty of DJI, there is no weakness to be found here.


Osmo Pocket 2

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The audio system works with four microphones

Small improvements to the predecessor are helpful, but not decisive: The camera is now ready for use within a second, video recording can be paused and then continued.

And there is a zoom function.

However, since it is a digital enlargement, the image will lose quality.

If possible, you should avoid it.


The video quality is only one ingredient for a good film.

Many smartphones have already mastered this discipline very well.

But when it comes to tone, failure is great everywhere.

Here the Osmo Pocket 2 beats any smartphone competition.

The new audio system, called Matrix Stereo, works with four microphones that are hidden behind four small holes.

They are attached to the camera grip in all four directions so that you cannot cover them with your fingers.

If you now film an object that runs around the camera, this can also be reproduced in the sound.

There are also some setting options here.

The microphones can pick up sounds from all directions, follow the direction of the camera or only listen in front and behind for interviews.

Wind noise cannot be completely suppressed, but it can at least be reduced somewhat.

Some functions are not yet available

With new accessories, the Osmo Pocket 2 goes one step further.

A five centimeter long multi-function handle can be attached to the bottom of the camera.

It has an audio connection for an external microphone and also establishes a connection to a radio microphone that can be attached to a shirt, for example, with a clip.

The radio microphone also has an audio input for an external microphone.

The Osmo Pocket 2 costs just under 600 euros with the Creators combo accessories

Source: DJI


For vloggers, this is a perfect solution.

In outdoor use, distances of several meters can be bridged without cables.

Built-in microphones hardly pick up any sound at such distances.

In the test, this setup worked excellently and provided very good audio with the video.

Only the windscreen on the radio microphone is too easy to detach and fell off the first time we used it.


The Osmo Pocket 2 is an excellent camera for many uses that not only delivers good videos, but also very good sound.

Thanks to its software, it has mastered a lot of tricks, such as the automatic tracking of an object that was previously marked on the camera display.

Slow motion and fast motion can also be selected.

The one-inch display is still too small to be operated properly.

It is better to plug in a smartphone and then use the large display as a viewfinder and for settings.

But that also means that the advantage of the tiny camera size is lost.

Unfortunately, some functions advertised by DJI were not available in the test, including the HDR function for better video quality, which is said to be delivered with a software upgrade.

There is also room for improvement in other areas.

The eight-fold slow motion did not work in the test.

The resolution for photos can only be changed from 16 to 64 megapixels in the smartphone app, but not directly on the camera.

But all of this can be upgraded with new software.

The Osmo Pocket 2 costs 597 euros in the Creators Combo with wireless microphone and multi-function handle.

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This article was first published in January 2021.