It has been confirmed that LG Uplus has been managing its customers by paying commissions to the front-line distribution stores to prevent their customers from changing telecommunications companies.

According to a ``confidential'' document obtained by SBS and sent by LG Uplus to its agencies and directly managed stores, LGU Plus classified customers who have been 18 months old or who spend more than 66,000 won among its subscribers as high-risk subscribers. .

In the case of counseling, if they achieve more than 50% of the explanation to prevent cancellation, it has been stated that they will pay a fee of 33,000 won per case for the successful performance of the actual termination defense.

The current Dantong Law strictly prohibits discrimination of subsidies based on the type of subscription.

LG Uplus said, "The fee is a dimension to encourage the defense of termination," and said, "Up to 30,000 won per case was approved by the Korea Communications Commission." "The original standard is administrative guidance without legal basis."

SKT and KT said they are not operating a fee policy to defend against termination.

(Photo = Yonhap News)