Companies: The Corona pandemic changes consumer trends and drives industry trends

"Gulfood 2021" .. Food products in capsules and almond milk fortified with protein

  • Vanier: The consumer trend is becoming more healthy.

    Emirates today

  • Jamitt: The spread of the pandemic has imposed a new variable in the global food sector.

    Photography: Ahmed Arditi

  • Favrova: Healthy drinks with vitamins keep pace with the demand for them after Corona.


The Gulfood 2021 exhibition witnessed the display of food and beverage companies producing products fortified with vitamins and minerals intended to support the immune system, the most prominent of which are food products in the form of capsules that include a concentrated extract of organic ginger, fortified with vitamin C, almond milk fortified with protein, in addition to fortified drinks With a large number of vitamins, the most important of which are vitamins "D" and "B12".

Company officials told Emirates Today that the Corona virus was one of the most prominent factors that motivated companies to expand the offering of these products, pointing out that the pandemic has contributed to changing consumer trends, which have become largely focused on health products or fortified with vitamins.

Food capsules

In detail, Zuzana Favrova, export manager at Kettle International for Food Production and Supply, said that the Corona pandemic prompted the company to offer food products in the form of capsules, including a concentrated extract of organic ginger, fortified with vitamin C, to support the capabilities of Immunity in the body, pointing to the introduction of healthy drinks fortified with various vitamins, to keep pace with the growth in demand for these products in the wake of the Corona pandemic.

Vitamin drinks

In turn, the director of commercial sales and export at the French company Lactinov, Surya Gamet, said that the spread of the pandemic imposed a new variable in the global food and beverage sector, which is the remarkable growth of demand for everything that includes vitamins that support increased immunity in the body, which stimulated the company. On the launch of new products at the end of 2020, including drinks fortified with a large number of vitamins, most notably vitamins "D" and "B12".

She added that these types of products are witnessing great competition among the producing companies, despite being a new trend in the sector that is witnessing a growing demand by consumers, expecting the continued rates of demand for these products during the coming period, whether in international markets or in the UAE and region markets.

Almond milk

For his part, the general manager of the French “Lamondorl” company, Juliame Vanier, said that his company had launched an almond milk product fortified with protein and vitamins, to meet the consumer demand for products that contain elements that increase the body’s immune capabilities, agreeing that the Corona pandemic contributed to changing Consumer trends, which have become highly concentrated on health products or fortified with vitamins, which in turn led to an increase in competition among the companies supplying these products.

immune system

In the same context, the General Manager of Camelicious Factory, Saeed Bin Subaih, emphasized the focus on organic, natural and healthy products, plant proteins, and the components of advanced and reliable care products, indicating that the company has a number of products that are fortified with vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for the human body.

He said that the aim of offering products that contain healthy nutrients is to meet the growing demand for those products that strengthen the immune system.

Food processors' trends

The director of marketing and sales at ALU Food Products, Soner Exap, said that products fortified with vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for the human body are among the most prominent trends for healthy food manufacturers in the world today, in conjunction with the world's endeavor to strengthen the immune system of the bodies.

He attributed this new trend to the growing demand from consumers for this type of product, as a result of the presence of a new variable, the Corona virus.

Fortified cereals

The brand manager of the international food company "Fargo", Shavas Ahmed, said that the pandemic has increased the rates of consumer demand for health products, pointing out that "Fargo" has introduced grains fortified with health properties derived from dried fruits and dates.

He added that this trend has become common, after it appeared after the beginnings of the spread of the Corona pandemic on the global level, and gradually spread to the region's markets.

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