China-Singapore Jingwei Client, February 23 (Xue Yufei, intern Liu Lu) On February 8th before the Spring Festival, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a new policy that will establish a Shenzhen second-hand housing transaction reference price release mechanism.

After that, whether the bank will use the transaction reference price as the basis for mortgage loans has aroused concern from all parties.

  On the 22nd, a reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei called the major banks in Shenzhen as the buyer.

A personal loan account manager of the Shenzhen Nanshan branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China said that it is not clear for the time being whether the second-hand housing transaction reference price given by the Shenzhen Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development should be used as the basis for granting loans.

They are waiting for the official documents of the Shenzhen branch of ICBC, and all documents shall prevail.

  As for whether the previously assessed price is still used as the basis for lending before the document is issued, the above-mentioned account manager revealed: "It is hard to say now, it may change at any time, no one can say.

  A loan manager at the Nanshan branch of the Agricultural Bank told the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client that the specific policy has not yet come out. They only saw the notice from the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development, but the implementation details have not been received.

Their bank can now accept orders for second-hand housing mortgage loans, but they cannot approve loans.

  The account manager of the Futian branch of the Construction Bank said that there is no clear policy now, and they are not too daring to take orders. It is recommended that buyers make two-handed preparations and prepare the down payment according to the official reference price.

However, the list of contracts signed before February 8 will still be loaned at the assessed price.

He said: "You can now apply for mortgage loans, but you need to bear certain risks."

  The Luohu branch of the Construction Bank stated that the Shenzhen branch of China Construction Bank has not issued a policy, and the new order has not been received. The previous order follows the old policy.

  The loan manager of the Longhua branch of the Bank of Communications said that in the future, the mortgage loan will be based on the reference price of second-hand housing transactions. “Now it is still based on the market assessment price.”

  On the evening of February 20, some media reported that the "Notice on the Adjustment of Second-hand Housing Mortgage Policy" issued by Shenzhen Everbright Bank pointed out that according to the "Notice of the Shenzhen Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau on Establishing a Reference Price Release Mechanism for Second-hand Housing Transactions" And regulatory requirements, the second-hand housing transaction price issued by the Housing Construction Bureau will be used as a reference basis for mortgage loans.

The aforementioned "Notice" of China Everbright Bank also stated that the second-hand housing mortgage loan business reported after February 18 (inclusive) will be implemented in accordance with the above new policies.

  Sino-Singapore Jingwei client called some branches of China Everbright Bank in Shenzhen on the 22nd.

The account manager of the Futian branch of the bank said that loans are now issued at the guide price. The bank's loans are based on the principle of lowering the guide price, appraised price and transaction price.

However, the manager of the Longhua branch of Everbright Bank suggested that the bank has less mortgage business and there is currently no clear policy. It is better to wait.

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