Hospitality billing fell 50% last year due to the pandemic.

In other words, it was reduced by half,

with a sharp decline in highly touristy regions, such as the Balearic and Canary Islands.

This is reflected in the INE data regarding the services sector published this Monday.

According to these figures, in the whole of 2020

the turnover of the services sector

(includes branches of activity such as hotels, commerce or transport)

decreased by 15.6%.

It is the biggest drop in the historical series, which began in 2000 and breaks with six years of growth.

All the branches of activity that make up the services sector closed the year with falls, although some more pronounced, such as the hotel industry, which has seen its turnover cut in half.

With regard to employment, it

has 13% fewer workers

, not counting those who are in a situation of ERTE, according to the INE.

This loss of workers

includes those who are not on the staff all year but who are usually hired to reinforce the summer months

, or those with the highest peak of activity, and who have not been hired this year, due to the collapse of tourism.

As the INE recalls, from March to June, during the first general confinement, the opening to the public of non-essential retail stores and establishments, as well as hotels and restaurants, was suspended.

"There was an almost total stoppage of the services sector that, although it affected all sectors,

had a significant influence on Hospitality," he says.

With the de-escalation, "a generalized recovery was observed, which has been maintained for most sectors during the second half of the year", except for the hotel and catering industry, "whose growing evolution slowed down after the summer, declining again", says the INE.

By regions

, those with the greatest drop in the services sector in general were the Canary Islands

(-27.0%), the Balearic Islands (-23.8%) and the Community of Madrid (-11.8%).


The industry also suffered an unprecedented collapse of 11.7% in 2020 compared to 2019, its biggest drop since 2009, when it fell by almost 22%, according to the INE.

Industry sales break with six years of consecutive annual growth

as a result of the crisis generated by Covid.

The decline in industry turnover in 2020

was the result of falls in all sectors,

especially energy (-41.6%), followed by capital goods (-11.3%);

intermediate goods (-10.3%);

durable consumer goods (-10%) and non-durable consumer goods (-5.3%).

The branches where sales fell the most in 2020 were oil refining (-41.6%), the manufacture of jewelery and musical instruments (-30.9%), the leather and footwear industry (-27 , 1%) and the manufacture of clothing (-21.6%).

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