"Gulfood 2021" was opened with the participation of 2,500 companies from 85 countries

Maktoum bin Mohammed: The vision and directions of Mohammed bin Rashid behind the speed of recovery and restoration of the activities of vital sectors in Dubai

  • Maktoum bin Mohammed during the inauguration of the exhibition.


  • Maktoum bin Mohammed inspecting the pavilions participating in the Gulfood exhibition.



His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, affirmed that the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and His Highness’s continuous directions to provide an environment supportive of business, and to continue documenting Dubai’s role in light of its responsibility As an influential partner, he provides the local and global private sector with all the opportunities that help it achieve growth and prosperity. It was a direct reason to accelerate the pace of the emirate’s recovery from the consequences of the “Covid-19” pandemic, by taking quick and decisive decisions and measures that contributed to avoiding the worst and returning to doing business. Within the various vital sectors in Dubai, the most important of which is the exhibition sector.

This came on the occasion of the inauguration of His Highness, yesterday, the 26th session of the Gulfood 2021 exhibition, the largest annual trade event in the food and beverage sector around the world, at the Dubai World Trade Center, and its activities will continue for five days, with the participation of about 2500 companies from 85 countries, in the first event Directly to the sector for 12 months.

Tighten planning

His Highness, the Deputy Ruler of Dubai, stated that “tightening planning based on accurate monitoring of surrounding data, scientific analysis of facts and figures, and speed of implementation through work teams that carry out their tasks according to an integrated strategy, and flexibility in keeping pace with changes efficiently, are elements that enable Dubai to establish its role as a main platform for businesses and companies. And global investments in the region, based on the emirate’s long history in this field, during which it established the infrastructure and created a supportive environment for everyone seeking to enter the region’s markets, with the huge opportunities it holds with a population of nearly two billion people.

His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum inspected some of the international pavilions participating in the Gulfood 2021 exhibition, seeking to seize the opportunities and distinctive commercial deals provided by the event, which comes after a year of challenges, to pave the way for a new phase of deals and commercial partnerships starting from From Dubai.

The Italian Pavilion

His Highness stopped at the Italian Pavilion, which is one of the largest international pavilions participating in the event this year, and includes more than 120 companies, which will shed light on Italy's initiatives in the field of food sustainability, innovation and a healthy diet, by reviewing a wide variety of products that Italy is famous for. Its cuisine, food and agricultural products are among the most famous and widespread in the world.

Italy is one of the largest producers and exporters of food and beverages in the world, and the value of its exports of these products is estimated at five billion dollars annually.

His Highness, the Deputy Ruler of Dubai, during his tour of the Gulfood 2021 exhibition, was also briefed on the France pavilion, which is one of the most prominent trade partners of the UAE in relation to food products. The pavilion includes exhibits for more than 30 parties, keen to take advantage of the opportunities provided by The event through a direct meeting with the largest food and beverage manufacturers and producers in the region and the world, and what this global platform represents in terms of an ideal space for strengthening commercial partnerships and concluding deals that support the growth of this vital sector, whether at the regional or global level.

preventive measures

His Highness praised the preventive measures taken by the Dubai World Trade Center, as well as the exhibitors, stressing that “the safety of exhibitors and visitors is a priority that receives all attention and care, in accordance with Dubai’s approach to providing the highest levels of safety within all economic sectors that have resumed their activities, and to help complete the march. Recovery, and accelerate its pace in a way that serves the local economy, as well as the economies of the region and the world, ”expressing his wishes to all participants of success and success.

Strategic center

The holding of the "Gulfood" exhibition this year comes amid precautionary measures and precise preventive measures, as new evidence confirming Dubai's position as a strategic center for global trade, and highlighting its ability to provide a safe and ideal business environment, which contributed to enhancing global interest in the actual participation in this session of the exhibition.

The Gulfood 2021 exhibition is the most prominent competitive platform in the field of supply this year, as it provides the exhibitors with opportunities to hold direct meetings with potential merchants and looking for bargains for the finest products, while providing visitors with a unique experience with the latest innovations and technological solutions.

The most prominent names in the sector, which have always registered a remarkable presence in the exhibition, return to participate in this year's edition, whether from Italy, Germany, France, Turkey and Austria, to record a strong presence, while this year's edition witnesses new participation from Uzbekistan and Georgia, as they look forward to registering their first presence in the region. By taking advantage of the business opportunities provided by "Gulfood 2021".

Vital sectors

The Director General of the Dubai World Trade Center Authority, Director General of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, Hilal Saeed Al-Marri, expressed his sincere gratitude and gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, for the directives of His Highness that paved the way for the resumption of Most of the activities of the vital economic sectors in the emirate, the most important of which is the exhibition sector.

He said: “We are pleased to resume communication with the global food sector through the (Gulfood 2021) platform, and the great confidence shown by the sector in the exhibition reflects Dubai’s position as a strategic gateway for food and beverage trade, and its ideal vision to enable direct communication between the biggest makers of success and the brightest minds from global and emerging markets. Thanks to its exceptional ability to organize face-to-face events, while adhering to the highest safety standards.

He added: “The (Gulfood 2020) exhibition was the only direct event for the sector last year, which allowed us to build an in-depth vision in the sector, which encouraged us to organize the first direct event in 2021, driven by the great interest and support shown by our partners from the food, beverage and hospitality sector.

Today, we are witnessing the fruits of these efforts with the launch of the most prominent commercial food event in a safe environment, with the participation of the most prominent names of this industry, which strengthens our confidence in the deals and opportunities that Dubai will provide to the participants over the coming days. ”

New opportunities

The global crisis left by the "Covid-19" epidemic shed light on a set of new opportunities that the exhibition is particularly focusing on, with the participation of 110 of the most prominent leaders in the food and beverage sector.

In addition, the exhibition will host a number of the most important experts in this industry, who will share their visions and expectations of the new reality of the sector.

The discussion sessions during the event will witness the participation of executive leaders from the leading companies within the supply chain, "DHL" and "Sky Cargo" of "Emirates Airlines", and representatives of "Microsoft", "Pizza Hut" and "Pepsi", as well as executives. Among the most prominent regional companies, from Majid Al Futtaim, "Lulu Group International", some international chefs who have a Michelin star, and the most important chefs in the UAE.

With the return of the exhibition in perfect timing, and the commitment of the Dubai World Trade Center to strict health and safety protocols, the participating entities seek to make the most of the opportunities offered by the exhibition, which will be the engine driving the sector's movement confidently over the next year, a vision that the exhibitors participating in The exhibition.

The Gulfood Summit

The Gulfood Innovation Summit, from February 22 to 24, brings together the most prominent government officials, food scientists, prominent chefs and sector leaders, to discuss the latest innovations and solutions aimed at making a quantum leap in the future of the food sector, and to benefit from the new trends that emerged during the period of the “Covid pandemic”. -19 ».

The importance of the "Gulfood Innovation Summit" is evident as global brands, innovators and the most prominent distributors seek to take advantage of opportunities, communicate with their counterparts in the sector, and conclude huge business deals through the exhibition.

Today, Minister of State for Food and Water Security, Maryam Bint Mohammed Al Muhairi, will deliver an opening speech, during which she will discuss the food security strategy aimed at strengthening the UAE's position in the ranks of the top 10 countries on the Global Food Security Index, and discuss the details of this strategy, and the possibility of establishing a supportive industrial and market environment. To achieve its goals.

During its three days, the summit will also discuss a variety of topics, including adapting to healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, opportunities in the supply chain, tourism and retail, and taking advantage of emerging and future technological solutions in the field of food.

The Gulfood 2021 exhibition will also host the Marketing Community Speakers Series, which will be held today in Hall 2 in partnership with the Marketing Association.

The sessions host the brightest minds and makers of success in the food and beverage industry, to address pressing issues such as evolving consumer preferences and future strategies.

The sessions target a group of marketing experts in the different markets and sectors related to FMCG, including the Chief Marketing Officer of Microsoft Middle East and Africa, Peter Dependentis, who will discuss the topic of purposeful marketing, and the CEO of Brand Affairs at Pizza Hut. In the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Beverly de Cruz, will discuss the issue of food, and the launch of products digitally, in a way that meets consumer needs during and after "Covid-19".

The afternoon session will be attended by Mustafa Shams El Din, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, and the Director of Sales and Marketing at Majid Al Futtaim Group, Maria Gideon, to discuss the future of marketing and advertising of food products.

Deputy Ruler of Dubai:

• "Flexibility to keep pace with changes efficiently enables Dubai to consolidate its role as the main platform for global investments in the region."

• «Dubai has laid the infrastructure and created a supportive climate for everyone seeking to enter the region’s markets.

• "The safety of exhibitors and visitors is a priority that receives all attention and care."

Safety standards

The Gulfood 2021 exhibition adopts a strict set of safety, hygiene and sterilization measures.

The Dubai World Trade Center has proven its ability to secure a direct business environment, which is the safest, and to host world-class events, in light of the application of the highest standards related to safety procedures. Its hosting of the "GITEX" Technology Week, which was held recently, was the only direct event in the technology sector. In 2020, the best evidence of this potential.

The event, which was held last December, hosted tens of thousands of local and international visitors, 96% of whom expressed a "safe" and "very safe" experience while attending the exhibition.

Tightening protocols

Given the great importance of displaying product samples and handling foodstuffs during the Gulfood exhibition, the reliable protocols in force at the Dubai World Trade Center have been tightened, as part of the Gulfood 2021 edition, in full coordination with the Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Municipality, with the aim of providing safer conditions for visitors. The exhibition and its participants.

Wearing masks and respecting the principles of social distancing is mandatory during the event, along with adopting non-contact dealings to ensure the health and safety of all delegations and delegates.

It is noteworthy that registration will not be available on the event website, and pre-registration is required via the Internet via the link: www.gulfood.com.

Inspiring promising talent

The "Chefs Dialogues" platform provides Gulfood 2021 visitors with an exclusive opportunity to meet the most prominent international names in the restaurant sector, chefs, writers and food specialists, and get to know them about their visions, experiences, passion and creativity.

Dialogues will continue until February 24th in Hall 8.

The podium will witness a distinguished group of sessions, including a special session by the famous Italian chef, Norbert Niederkofler, winner of "three Michelin stars", under the title "Fine cuisine from wild ingredients."

In addition, the platform will witness the launch of the "Chefs Club", the first event of its kind at the global level.


Based on its pivotal position in the global food sector, "Gulfood 2021" will shed light on the future of the sector through "First in Food" workshops, which host the most prominent experts in the sector to discuss issues of food safety and innovation, sustainability and food and beverage design.

The "Flavors of the World" series witnesses the participation of 31 leading names in the food sector, including some five-star Michelin chefs from Germany, Italy and Portugal, to provide specialized sessions, the arts of pasta and pizza preparation, and other topics.

The activities begin today in Hall 8 and will last for five days.

• "Gulfood 2021" is the first direct global event for the sector in 12 months.

The exhibition is the largest annual trade event in the food and beverage sector around the world.

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