Airline company KLM suffered a loss of 1.2 billion euros over the past year.

Parent company Air France-KLM ended up with a mega loss of 7.1 billion euros.

That was announced on Thursday.

As a result of the corona crisis, many planes have been grounded for much of the year.

KLM already had to cut thousands of jobs as a result of the crisis.

"2020 was an incredibly tough year for KLM and the KLM employees," says KLM President and Chief Executive Officer Pieter Elbers in an explanation of the annual figures.

"The brutal COVID pandemic brought KLM's network to a virtual standstill in April, causing unprecedented losses and increased debt."

Air France-KLM's loss includes more than 800 million euros for reorganization costs, nearly 600 million euros in evaporated fuel costs and another 670 million euros in depreciation.

Air France-KLM's debt has risen to 11 billion euros, almost 5 billion more than a year earlier.

Air France-KLM is in consultation with the Dutch and French governments about additional support from the authorities.

KLM and Air France previously received more than 10 billion euros in support, in the form of direct loans and guarantees.

Given the enormous debt burden, it goes without saying that the company's balance sheet must be strengthened.

This can be done by converting loans into shares, which would be direct state aid.

Both the Dutch and French governments are shareholders of Air France-KLM, with both an interest of approximately 14 percent.