With the Medion E64014, the packaging already promises a decent value.

The micro stereo system costs even less than some of the popular Bluetooth box in beer can format, but buyers get two loudspeaker boxes and a control unit, and a remote control is also included.

The silk-matt black housings are simple, the front of the control unit looks pleasantly tidy.

What is hidden behind the neat facade of the stereo system from the Aldi range, "Computer Bild" tried out in a practical test.

Medion E64014 in the test: micro system with DAB +

Construction and commissioning of the Medion E64014 are extremely straightforward: The speaker cables are firmly attached to the speakers and have plugs at the other ends.

A telescopic antenna can be pulled out on the back for radio reception.


Very nice: In addition to FM stations, the system also receives digital radio (DAB +).

More stations can be received almost everywhere in Germany, including new and varied programs that are not available on FM.

The Medion system does not have individual memory buttons for the favorite stations, instead a favorites list is hidden behind the preset button.

On the back of the Medion E64014 there are jack sockets for headphones and a stereo player

Source: Computer Bild

The menu is scrolled through quickly with the rotary knob; it is normally used to adjust the volume.

All functions can also be controlled with the supplied remote control.

It's nice and compact, but it's also labeled quite small.

The Medion E64014 can do much more than radio

The system itself is easy to operate thanks to the beautiful color display: The other operating modes can be selected using the mode button: The system plays music via Bluetooth, and any stereo source can be connected to the rear using a jack cable, such as a television.

A CD player is also built into the Medion E64014

Source: Computer Bild


Music from USB sticks can also be played.

That worked in the test with the file formats MP3, WAF and WMA, but not with AAC.

Last but not least, a CD player is also built in.

The drawer takes some time before it opens quickly, and the drive also takes a moment or two to think about it.

Then it plays CDs and MP3 CDs practically silently.

This is what the Medion E64014 sounds like

The speakers are 6.5 centimeters wide broadband speakers, bass reflex tubes support them in low pitches.

The speakers are particularly well kept on a shelf, as this noticeably helps the otherwise rather weak basses.

The system sounds pleasant and tends to be soft, thanks to the low treble there are no shrill off-beats.


The system easily wins the comparison with similarly cheap Bluetooth jacks.

If you place the speakers carefully and symmetrically at the same height, you will also be rewarded with a beautiful stereo image.


With its extensive equipment, the Medion E64014 leaves little to be desired.

Thanks to its separate stereo boxes, it sounds much more mature than similarly expensive Bluetooth boxes, even if it is rather reserved in bass and treble.

Aldi (North and South) will sell the micro-audio system from February 11th for 79.99 euros.

This article comes from a cooperation with "Computer Bild".

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