Hakuhodo DY Holdings, a major advertising company, has disciplined and dismissed a former employee of a subsidiary for committing fraudulent activities such as ordering gift certificates without permission and repeating cashing.

The company recorded a loss of more than 2.7 billion yen due to unpaid payments.

According to the announcement, the person who was cheating was a former male employee in his 40s at the subsidiary Hakuhodo Products.

For four years from 2016, former employees repeatedly ordered and redeemed cash vouchers and gift certificates that are not related to their business, and ordered additional cash vouchers to pay the purchase price. It means that it was.

Last year, the company dismissed the ex-employee as a disciplinary measure on January 29, as it was discovered by contact from the supplier and the ex-employee admitted the fact to the interview with the company.

Former employees paid some of the cash vouchers they ordered, but the total unpaid amount is 4.33 billion yen.

Of this amount, 2.71 billion yen, excluding the cash that the former employee had converted into cash, will be paid by the company and was recorded as an extraordinary loss in the settlement of accounts announced on the 10th.

Hakuhodo DY Holdings will consult with the police and consider legal measures in the future.

In addition, the investigation by an in-house special committee was carried out, and in principle, the transaction of highly cashable goods was prohibited for the time being to prevent recurrence.