Shell and Eneco will supply wind energy to the web store giant Amazon, the companies report Monday.

From 2024, the American company will purchase 380 megawatts annually, enough to provide half a million households with electricity.

The energy will be generated by the CrossWind wind farm, which is being constructed off the Dutch coast.

That wind farm with 69 wind turbines will be operational from 2023.

About half of all power generated there will go to Amazon.

Incidentally, this is not the first collaboration of Shell and Amazon.

The companies already signed a deal last year on the use of sustainable kerosene for cargo aircraft.

Amazon wants to run entirely on renewable energy from 2025 and wants to be emission-free by 2040.

At the moment, energy is already being generated for Amazon in 187 solar and wind farms worldwide.

This also includes the 125 roofs of department stores that Amazon has filled with solar panels.