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The continuation of the health crisis increasingly affects the morale of private sector executives and alters their perception of the future.

According to a study by Apec published Wednesday, they indeed feel "more and more threatened by the risk of dismissal", nearly a quarter of them (24%) nourishing this concern in December, when they did not 'were only 19% to fear a dismissal in September.

And nearly six out of ten executives (57%) now consider it “risky” to change companies.

Among executives, "there is growing concern about the risk of losing one's job and the consequences in this climate of crisis of a loss of employment," said Gilles Gateau, general manager of the Association for the employment of executives. .

Young people are the most worried

The fear of being made redundant is stronger among young executives (under 35), of whom nearly three in ten (28% in December, against 16% in September) feel threatened.

A concern shared by a quarter of older executives (55 and over; 25% worried in December, against 19% in September).

Among unemployed executives, concern is also increasing about their job search (76%, against 70%), due in particular to "successive confinements" and "uncertainty" on "the evolution of the health crisis », Notes the Apec.

Executives "are also more and more numerous" (23%, against 19%) "to work in a company having laid off employees or announced future layoffs since the start of the pandemic", according to the study.

A "case of figure more frequent in the sector of the industry", notes the Apec.

Falling jobs

Despite the crisis, “recruitment projects have all the same materialized” at the end of 2020 in companies: 10% of them “recruited at least one executive in the fourth quarter”, according to the study.

But 40% of companies that intended to recruit an executive in 2020 have "canceled this project" or "postponed to 2021".

The number of executive job offers published on the Apec site fell by 29% in 2020 compared to the previous year, "with very strong disparities depending on the sector of activity", for example. a “much more pronounced” drop in the automotive and aeronautics industry (-50%) than “in the pharmaceutical industry” (-17%).


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