China News Service, January 29. According to the WeChat official account of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the "Basic Electronic Components Industry Development Action Plan (2021-2023)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"), and proposed it until 2023 In 2015, the scale of the industry continued to grow.

The total sales of electronic components reached 2.100 billion yuan, further consolidating my country's position as a major producer of electronic components in the world, and fully meeting the needs of the information technology market.

Data map: The engineer of the chip equipment manufacturer is debugging the equipment.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Zhankun

  In terms of overall goals, the Action Plan proposes that by 2023, the competitiveness of superior products will be further enhanced, and the level of security supply in the industrial chain will be significantly improved. For important industries such as smart terminals, 5G, and industrial Internet, we will promote breakthroughs in basic electronic components. Supply chain guarantee capabilities for key materials, equipment and instruments, and enhance the modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain.

  ——The scale of the industry continues to grow.

The total sales of electronic components reached 2.100 billion yuan, further consolidating my country's position as a major producer of electronic components in the world, and fully meeting the needs of the information technology market.

  ——Breakthrough in technological innovation.

Breakthroughs in a number of key technologies of electronic components, the industry’s overall innovation investment has been further increased, and the patent layout of key products such as radio frequency filters, high-speed connectors, chip multilayer ceramic capacitors, and optical communication devices has been improved.

  -Obvious results in enterprise development.

A group of electronic component companies with international competitive advantages will be formed, and the revenue scale of 15 companies will exceed 10 billion yuan. The revenue scale and comprehensive strength of leading companies will be effectively improved, and the anti-risk and reinvestment capabilities will be significantly enhanced.

  The Action Plan emphasizes 7 key tasks such as enhancing industrial innovation capabilities and strengthening market application and promotion, as follows:

Enhance industrial innovation capabilities

  Conquer key core technologies.

The implementation of high-end promotion of key products, for key products such as circuit components, break through patents and technical barriers that restrict the development of the industry, make up for shortcomings in the development of electronic components, and ensure the safety and stability of the industrial supply chain.

  Build a multi-level joint innovation system.

Support enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes to strengthen cooperation, explore the establishment of manufacturing innovation centers in the field of electronic components, increase the research and development of key common technologies, cutting-edge leading technologies, modern engineering technologies, and disruptive technologies, and build close production, learning and research A combined collaborative innovation and achievement transformation platform.

Encourage all localities to carry out key technology research and development and industrialization around characteristics or subdivisions to form differentiated development.

  Improve the layout of intellectual property rights.

Encourage enterprises, universities and research institutes to raise awareness of intellectual property protection, improve intellectual property management systems, and develop domestic and foreign intellectual property distribution.

Explore the establishment of a patent pool, and conduct patent analysis and early warning around electronic components.

Carry out the cultivation of intellectual property pilot enterprises.

Strengthen market application promotion

  Support market applications in key industries.

Implement key market application promotion actions, promote the differentiated application of electronic components in key industries such as smart terminals, 5G, industrial Internet and data centers, and intelligent networked vehicles, accelerate products to attract social resources, and iteratively upgrade.

  Strengthen in-depth cooperation in the industrial chain.

Promote electronic components and their supporting materials, equipment and instrument companies, and complete machine companies to strengthen linkages, jointly develop product development, and accelerate the industrial application of new electronic components.

Guide upstream and downstream enterprises to form stable cooperative relations through strategic alliances, capital cooperation, and technological linkage.

  Accelerate the application and promotion of innovative products.

Facing emerging needs such as artificial intelligence, advanced computing, Internet of Things, new energy, new infrastructure, etc., develop small, high-performance, high-efficiency, and high-reliability electronic components that are urgently needed in key application fields, and promote the active application of innovative products by complete machine enterprises. Accelerate the iterative upgrade of component products.

Consolidate the foundation of supporting industries

  Breakthrough in key material technology.

Support the development and production of electronic functional materials such as electronic ceramic materials, magnetic materials, battery materials, electronic pastes and other process and auxiliary materials, and high-end printed circuit board materials and other packaging and assembly materials.

Improve supporting capabilities and promote R&D and industrialization of electronic special materials in key links.

  Improve the supporting capabilities of equipment and instruments.

Support the R&D and industrialization of supporting electronic special equipment and instruments that are technically difficult, high in application value, strong in versatility, and drive the electronic component industry, such as etching and developing equipment and other process equipment, micro-CT and other testing and analysis instruments, Improve the quality and reliability of equipment and instruments.

  Improve the industrial supporting system.

Encourage and guide enterprises in the chemical industry, non-ferrous metals, light industrial machinery, equipment and instruments to enter the field of electronic components, develop key materials and equipment research and development and production, promote collaborative innovation of production, education, research and use, realize the coordinated development of the entire industry chain, and enhance the ability to test and verify , Improve the level of supporting key links.

Guide industrial transformation and upgrading

  Improve the level of intelligence.

Guide companies to build digital design platforms, full-environment simulation platforms, and materials, processes, and failure analysis databases. Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, promote the digitalization and network transformation of key processes, optimize production processes and quality control systems, and carry out smart factory construction. Improve the level of intelligent manufacturing.

  Promote green manufacturing.

Promote the transformation of energy-saving and water-saving technologies for the entire industry, accelerate the application of clean and efficient production processes, carry out clean production, reduce energy consumption and pollutant emission intensity, and realize green production.

Optimize the structural design of electronic components and develop products with high added value, low consumption and low emissions.

Formulate relevant standards for green manufacturing in the electronic components industry and improve the green manufacturing system.

  Cultivate high-quality enterprises.

Encourage leading enterprises to integrate resources, expand production scale, enhance core competitiveness, and improve compliance and responsibility and anti-risk capabilities through mergers and acquisitions and capital operations.

Cultivate a group of specialized and new "little giants" and single champion enterprises in manufacturing with independent intellectual property rights, high product added value, and core competitiveness.

Promote industry quality improvement

  Strengthen standardization work.

Strengthen the development of standards for key core technologies and basic common technologies, and continue to improve the quality and level of standard supply.

Guide social groups to speed up the formulation and release of innovative and international group standards.

Encourage enterprises, institutions and experts to actively participate in international standardization activities and develop international standards.

  Improve quality and brand benefits.

Optimize product design, transform technical equipment, improve inspection and testing, and promote advanced quality culture and technology.

Guide enterprises to establish a quality-based brand development strategy, enrich brand connotation, and enhance brand image and influence.

Carry out activities such as quality development and brand cultivation, and regularly release quality brand reports.

  Optimize the market environment.

Guide terminal enterprises to optimize the procurement mode of electronic components, advocate high-quality and low-price, avoid low-price vicious competition, price-raising, wanton speculation and other irrational market behaviors, and promote the construction of a fair, just, open and orderly market competition environment.

Strengthen the construction of public platforms

  Build a public platform for analysis and evaluation.

Support capable and qualified enterprises and institutions to build a national-level public service platform for electronic component analysis and evaluation, strengthen the construction of quality and technical grade classification standards, and carry out product testing, analysis, rating, reliability, and application verification in various fields of electronic components And other services provide the basis for the design of the electronic system and the selection of materials.

  Build a technology service platform.

Support localities, parks, enterprises and institutions to build a number of public service platforms to carry out services such as intellectual property training and trading, evaluation of scientific and technological achievements, and market strategy research.

Encourage the construction of special electronic component production lines to provide tape-out services for MEMS sensors, filters, optical communication module driver chips, etc.

  Build an innovation and entrepreneurship incubation platform.

Support the construction of entrepreneurial support platforms such as crowd-creation, crowdsourcing, crowd-funding, and crowdfunding in the field of electronic components, promote the establishment of a batch of basic electronic component industry ecological incubators and accelerators, and encourage the provision of capital, technology, market application and promotion for start-ups Support.

Improve the talent introduction mechanism

  Strengthen personnel training.

Deepen the integration of production and education, and promote the optimization of related disciplines and professional layout in institutions of higher learning.

Encourage enterprises to establish innovative platforms such as enterprise research institutes, academicians and post-doctoral workstations, establish comprehensive training and practice bases for talents combining schools and enterprises, and support enterprises to carry out on-the-job education and training for employees at home and abroad.

  Strengthen the introduction and cultivation of talents.

Introduce high-end talents and young talents through multiple channels, and accelerate the formation of a team of experts with international leading levels.

Give full play to the role of industry organizations, colleges and universities, encourage enterprises to cultivate and introduce leading technology talents and teams with key technologies, and provide intellectual support for industrial development.

  Guide the rational flow of talents.

Guide enterprises to recruit talents through compliant channels, ensure the normal flow of talents between enterprises, strengthen professional ethics publicity, reduce personnel turnover losses, encourage enterprises to create favorable growth space for talents, improve welfare benefits, improve talent career promotion channels, and upgrade electronics The sense of belonging of talents in the component industry.

  In addition, the Action Plan puts forward four safeguard measures:

  ——Strengthen industry overall planning and coordination.

Establish and complete a coordination mechanism for the development of the electronic components industry, strengthen coordination and overall planning, and actively promote the resolution of major issues and key tasks in industrial development.

Strengthen cooperation between the central and local governments, guide the overall planning of the layout of key projects of basic electronic components, and promote the concentration of subjects and regional clusters in a timely manner.

Do a good job in monitoring, analysis and follow-up research in key areas, strengthen the connection with existing relevant policies, and advance various actions in an orderly manner.

  ——Increase policy support.

Focusing on the electronic components industry, promote the cooperation and convergence of production, application, financing, etc., and accelerate market-oriented promotion and application.

Make full use of channels such as industrial infrastructure reengineering to support innovation breakthroughs.

Encourage manufacturing transformation and upgrading funds to increase investment, and guide local investment funds to coordinate support.

Give play to the role of market mechanisms, encourage social capital to participate, and attract diversified funds such as venture capital and financial leasing to support industrial development.

  ——Optimize the environment for industrial development.

Strengthen the early warning and prevention of unfair competition behaviors such as monopoly, dumping, price protection, and infringement of intellectual property rights in the electronic component industry, and maintain a fair competition, healthy and orderly market development environment.

Promote honest operation of the industry, pay taxes according to law, energy conservation and environmental protection, and harmonious employment.

Guide the establishment of a credit system for the electronic components industry, and implement a self-declaration and supervision system for enterprise product standards, quality and safety.

  -Deepen international exchanges and cooperation.

Implement the "One Belt One Road" initiative, expand international exchanges and cooperation channels for the electronic component industry, strengthen exchanges with relevant international organizations, standardization agencies, etc., and promote docking with international advanced technologies and industrial chains.

Promote the mutual promotion of the electronic component industry at home and abroad, encourage leading global companies to come to China to establish production bases and R&D institutions, support key companies to explore overseas markets, develop various forms of technology, talent, and capital cooperation with overseas institutions to build open development, The industrial pattern of win-win cooperation.