Tesla Model S -


If the exterior aesthetic developments of the Tesla Model S and X are rather timid, it is inside that are the real novelties.

Indeed, the two cars adopt a steering wheel "cut" seeming straight out of a racing prototype!

The instrument panels have been redesigned and now display a wave style, with a new 17 '' horizontal central screen.

Tesla Model S - DR

The Model S catalog is enriched with a new cutting-edge version called Plaid +, equipped with 3 engines that develop a total of… 1,100 hp!

Capable of reaching 320 km / h at peak times, it has a range of… 835 km!

But these two performances are obviously not simultaneous.

Tesla Model X - DR

For its part, the Model X is also available in a Plaid version of 1,020 hp.

Enough to take the 7 people it can accommodate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.6 seconds.

The brand of Elon Musk has not finished talking about it!


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