"Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group", "SBI Holdings" and of the financial giant of net financial giant's policy is to open existing private that can buy and sell stocks without passing through the Stock Exchange Exchange in prospect the spring next year.

The two companies will first jointly invest and set up a company in Osaka Prefecture to operate a private exchange in March this year.

Only then does it start the handling of the stock to prospect the next spring, then, it is the handling also start planning for digital securities utilizing the technology of storing block chain to distribute the record of transactions on the net.

SBI has a plan to create an international financial center in Kansai, and wants to use the opening of a private exchange as a momentum to realize the plan.

Private exchanges can buy and sell stocks without going through existing exchanges such as the Tokyo Stock Exchange, but their share of domestic trading value is only about 7% to 8%.

However, there are voices saying that private exchanges should be cultivated as an alternative market in the wake of a system trouble in which trading stopped all day on the TSE last October.