Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client reported on January 28 that the Hang Seng Index opened 1.31% lower to 28,914.850 points; the State-owned Enterprise Index fell 1.13% to 11,519.300 points; the red chip index fell 0.96% to 4001.430 points; the market turnover was HK$12,943 million.

Blue chip stock market

  In terms of blue chip stocks, Innovation Technology Industry fell 4.64% to 117.200 Hong Kong dollars, leading the decline of blue chip stocks.

Geely Auto fell 3.79% to HK$30.500; Sunny Optical Technology fell 3.06% to HK$209.000; WuXi Biologics fell 3.04% to HK$108.400; Alibaba-SW fell 2.77% to HK$252.800.


  On the board, five sectors, including gas supply, water supply, new energy materials, medicines, and poultry and meat, led the gains. Among them, ENN Energy rose 4.96% to HK$131.100, leading the gas supply sector; household appliances, automobiles, furniture, and electronic parts Five sectors, including software development and software development, were among the top decliners, of which Chuangke Industrial fell 10.9% to HK$109.500 and led the decline in the home appliance sector.

North-South capital flow

  From the perspective of the north-south capital flow of the Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, as of press time, the net inflow of southbound capital is 23.017 billion yuan, of which the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect net inflow is 8.585 billion yuan, the balance of funds on the day is 33.415 billion yuan, and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect net inflow is 14.432 billion yuan. The fund balance is 27.568 billion yuan.

  The net inflow of northbound funds was 265 million yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 161 million yuan, the balance of funds on the day was 51.839 billion yuan, the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 104 million yuan, and the balance of funds on the day was 51.896 billion yuan.

AH stock list

  In terms of AH stocks, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation was among the top gainers; China Southern Airlines and CITIC Securities were among the top losers.

Active stocks on the Main Board and ChiNext

  On the main board, Jinao International rose 15% to HK$0.069, Jianbao International rose 14.86% to HK$0.850, Xinyuan Wanheng Holdings rose 10% to HK$0.011, Baixin International rose 9.72% to HK$0.079, Zen Travel Technology rose 8.11 % Reported to 1.200 Hong Kong dollars and other stocks rose among the top; Esprit Global fell 15% to 0.850 Hong Kong dollars, Rainbow New Energy fell 13.31% to 2.280 Hong Kong dollars, Sunshine Energy fell 8.47% to 0.540 Hong Kong dollars, Comtec Solar fell 8.14% to 0.790 Hong Kong dollars , Chongqing Electromechanical fell 7.46% to 0.620 Hong Kong dollars and other stocks fell among the top.

The top rankings in terms of turnover are Smol International, Tencent Holdings, Meituan-W, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Alibaba-SW.

  On the Growth Enterprise Market, energy-saving components rose 10% to HK$0.066, China Biotech Services rose 8.7% to HK$1.500, and Hongqiao Group rose 1.69% to HK$0.600.

The top rankings in terms of turnover are China Youzan, Global Press, Fano Group, Extraordinary China, and Biyou Group.

Warrants and CBBCs

  The top CBBC trading volume rankings are the Hang Seng Index Monarch 41 Bull D, the HSI Ruitong 30 Bull D, and the Hang Seng Index Fab Four Bull E.

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