Owners of the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York want to stop trading in a specific stock if they suspect that the price is being manipulated via social media, director Adena Friedman said Wednesday on the US channel



She responded with this to the striking price increase of, among others, game seller GameStop.

GameStop's share price has risen by a whopping 354 percent in the past two weeks.

The share price continued to climb on Wednesday.

According to market experts, this may be related to various messages on the social medium Reddit.

The prices of other stocks also shot up remarkably far on Wednesday.

These include cinema chain AMC, which saw the value of its share triple in a short time, while the market fell by an average of 1 percent.

The price of BlackBerry also shot up by 185 percent.

The mentioned companies were widely discussed on Reddit.

"When we see a lot of talk about a stock on social media, and we see unusual trading activity at the same time, we may decide to temporarily stop trading that stock to investigate the situation," said Nasdaq chief Friedman.

If that investigation shows that manipulation may take place, the exchange company wants to contact regulators for further investigation.

Friedman advised regulators to monitor such activities themselves.