Last week, when a parcel service company agreed to sort through a social consensus organization, the parcel strike that was announced at the time was withdrawn.

However, within six days, the courier union announced a general strike again.

That the couriers didn't keep their promises.

This is reporter Jeong Seong-jin.


[I don't want to die anymore, take responsibility for the sorting work!] In the

agreement on the 21st, the courier union decided to put in sorting personnel or pay the drivers an appropriate price. He said he would enforce it.

[Ganggyuhyeok / courier karōshi daechaekwi Co-President: dwaeseo taekbaebi impression that a whole bunch of you think that it is the cause of destruction tycoon delivery service company (agreement) hagetdaneun tycoon delivery service company are fulfilled (the agreement) if so will not see damage -

while the delivery service company that deals including taekbaebi impression They refuted that they were faithfully complying with the agreement to send up to 6,000 people before the structural improvement work was completed.

[Courier representative: We have never broken social agreements.


courier union also requested the conclusion of a labor-management agreement that guarantees the implementation of the agreement, but the courier service is not possible because the courier worker is a private business contracted with the agency. is.

The labor-management disagreement over the timing and cost of taxation manpower, which had been fiercely contested from the consensus process, reignited, and a new debate called the labor-management agreement was added.

It is expected that more than 5,500 courier workers nationwide will participate in the general strike tomorrow, but the courier company said that there will be no major problems as the number of workers participating in the strike is part of the total over 50,000 courier drivers, and plans to add additional personnel in preparation for the new year It.