A man uses green E85 Superethanol fuel at a service station in Bordeaux, August 20, 2008. -


Despite the drop in car traffic linked to the health crisis, the road biofuel Superethanol E-85 saw its consumption grow in France in 2020, the sector announced in its annual report on Tuesday.

This gasoline, the cheapest of all fuels, which contains 60 to 85% bioethanol (from the fermentation of beets or cereals) has seen its volumes consumed increase by 4%, to more than 350 million liters, while the others road fuels fell by 15%, notes the Collective of bioethanol (Association of beet and sugar and Union of agricultural alcohol producers).

Extend access to conversion units to 15 HP vehicles

Superethanol E-85, however, still forms a very small part of gasolines, themselves a minority compared to diesel which represents three quarters of the total.

Superethanol E-85, less taxed because it emits less CO2 than fossil fuels, can be used by so-called “Flex-Fuel” vehicles, or by gasoline cars equipped with an approved conversion device.

The sector asks the public authorities to extend access to conversion units to vehicles of 15 HP and more and to those equipped with particulate filters.

According to her, this request is "in the process of being accepted" and would make approximately nine vehicles out of 10 eligible.

The network tripled in two years

This fuel also benefited in 2020 from a rapidly growing distribution network, with now more than 2,300 stations supplied (+ 32% in one year), or more than one in four.

Total in particular has tripled its network in two years, with 750 stations equipped and development that will continue in 2021, says the group.

As for SP95-E10 (up to 10% ethanol), compatible with almost the entire fleet, in December it represented 50.6% of the gasoline market (more than 4.7 billion liters in 2020) .


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