• Politics Podemos challenges José Luis Escrivá with another pension reform that raises contributions to salaries from 49,000 euros

The publication of the pension payroll for January 1 leaves two historical figures.

On the one hand, that between January and December 2020 the system registered

about 65,000 more casualties

than last year as a direct consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

And on the other, that the monthly cost that the system supports

already exceeds 10,000 million euros


According to the Ministry of Social Security, "from January to December 2020, 517,924 pensions have dropped, 14.3% more than the previous year," a figure that shows that difference of, specifically, 64,797 fewer pensions.

In addition, the number of registrations has also been reduced: 5% less, which represents a reduction of 27,992 in the number of registrations.

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