The new owners of HEMA are shaking up the management of the acquired retail chain considerably.

For example, with Saskia Egas Reparaz, who comes over from the drugstore chain Etos, the company will have a new top woman and financial director Ton van Veen of supermarket chain Jumbo will take a place on the Supervisory Board.

The owners Parcom and Mississippi Ventures announced this on Tuesday.

They expect to complete the acquisition next week.

The Financial Markets Supervisor (AFM) has now approved the acquisition.

The approval of the European Commission is expected within days.

As a result, Parcom and Mississippi Ventures expect to close the transaction in the week of February 1.

Mississippi Ventures is the investment vehicle of the Van Eerd family, who also own supermarket chain Jumbo.

The new top woman Egas Reparaz currently works as CEO of Etos, a sister company of supermarket chain Albert Heijn, Jumbo's major competitor.

Egas Reparaz succeeds HEMA CEO Tjeerd Jegen.

In addition, the supervisory board (SB) will be given a new chairman.

It concerns Pieter Haas, who was previously CEO of MediaMarktSaturn.

Jumbo's financial director Ton van Veen also sits on the supervisory board.

"The plans for HEMA will be further elaborated in the near future. It goes without saying that at the moment all attention will mainly be focused on leading the company through the corona crisis in a healthy way," said the new owners.

It had been known for some time that Parcom and Mississippi Ventures would acquire HEMA.

The parties will buy the retail chain from bondholders, who took possession of the chain in mid-2020 after previous owner Marcel Boekhoorn had to leave the field.