A special fund that offers financial reimbursements to healthcare providers who have themselves been badly affected by corona is further expanding its target group.

As a result, not only care providers who are literally in contact with corona patients are entitled to reimbursement, but also care workers who help make corona care possible.

As a result of the expansion, cleaners and hospital desk clerks, among others, can claim the support fund of Stichting Zorg na Werk in Coronazorg (ZWiC).

Where the foundation's target group initially consisted of 400,000 healthcare providers, this has now doubled to more than 800,000 healthcare workers who work on the "front line of corona care".

The corona support fund focuses on personnel who have ended up in intensive care (ic) or who have died of the virus as a result of their work in care.

In the event of an IC admission, the ZWiC Foundation offers the employee a one-off financial compensation of 30,000 euros, in the event of death, 50,000 euros will go to the next of kin of the care providers.

The support fund is an idea of ​​the Utrecht surgeons Marijn Houwert and Sander Muijs.

With the compensation scheme, they want to prevent family members of sick care providers from getting into financial problems, in addition to the grief for their loved ones.

Since its start in early April, the foundation has received support from, among others, the Dutch Association of Insurers, collective for care providers VvAA, PGGM, law firm Kennedy Van der Laan, Aramco, Philips, Robeco, Bristol-Myers Squib and Reckitt Benckiser.

In collaboration with those partners, the foundation has now raised 4.3 million euros.

In addition, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is contributing 10 million euros to the initiative.

The foundation paid out more than 1.7 million euros last year

The ZWiC Foundation paid out a total of more than 1.7 million euros to severely affected healthcare providers or their next of kin last year.

Of the total of 64 applications received, 52 were approved.

Most of these requests came from carers and nurses who had to be admitted to the ic.

Eight applications came from the next of kin of healthcare workers who died after a corona infection.

A number of rejected applications came from (next of kin of) care workers who initially did not belong to the target group.

Those applications will be reassessed, the foundation reports.

Due to the emergence of new variants of the coronavirus and the expansion of the target group, the foundation expects that even more healthcare workers will claim financial compensation.

The foundation strives to assess applications within six weeks.

This is done with the help of medical experts and parties such as the pension administration organization PGGM.