According to a survey conducted by NHK on 100 major companies, nearly half of the companies said that the outlook for when the Japanese economy would return to the level before the spread of the new coronavirus was in the first half or the second half of "next year 2022". He responded, showing the company's harsh view of economic recovery as the spread of the infection continues.

From the 23rd of last month to the 15th of this month, NHK conducted a questionnaire on 100 major companies regarding the spring battle, etc., and received responses from all companies.

When asked about their perceptions of the current state of the domestic economy, 41 companies had the highest number of "flat", followed by 35 companies with "moderate expansion", 16 companies with "moderate retreat", and 4 companies with "recession". Company, "expansion" was zero.

There were 4 companies that did not answer.

When asked multiple answers to the companies that answered "flat", 80.5% answered "sluggish growth in personal consumption", 61% answered "request to refrain from going out and shorten business hours", and "insufficient recovery of Western economies". Was 29.3%.

Regarding the view of the domestic economy six months later, "moderate expansion" was the most common among 67 companies, "flat" was 17 companies, "moderate retreat" was 2 companies, "regression" was 1 company, and "expansion" was zero. did.

There were 13 unanswered companies.

More than 60% of the companies answered that they would "moderately expand" by resuming economic activity and increasing personal consumption.

On the other hand, when asked about the time when the Japanese economy will return to the level before the spread of infection, 27 companies in the first half of 2022 and 19 companies in the second half of 2022, the companies that think that it will be between next year and 2022. In total, the number of companies is 46, which is close to half, and while the spread of infection has not converged, it shows a strict view of companies on economic recovery.

Other answers were 12 companies in "late 2023", 7 companies in both "late 2021" and "early 2023", 4 companies in "2024", 1 company in "after 2025", and "2021". "First half of the year" was zero.

There were 23 unanswered companies.

Base up is limited to 2 companies

On the other hand, with regard to wages, only two companies have decided to raise the base to raise the basic wage uniformly, and as the infection of the new coronavirus cannot be expected to converge, a cautious stance on wage increases has become apparent.

When asked about their ideas for the spring battle with multiple answers, only two companies answered that they would "base up" to raise the basic salary uniformly.

In addition, 19 companies answered "regular salary increase" and 3 companies answered "increased bonus / lump sum", and 61 companies answered "other", of which 39 companies are undecided. ..

Even companies that said they would raise their bases or raise their salaries on a regular basis did not answer that they were "higher than the previous year," and while the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection could not be foreseen, they were cautious about raising wages.