They noted that the administrative limitation of the growth in the cost of basic products is aimed at supporting low-income groups of the population, who have a high share of spending on food.

“At the same time, such a step carries systemic risks.

Firstly, it is the likelihood of a shortage of goods that have fallen under price restrictions, "- noted in the materials.

So, according to the joint venture, it may be unprofitable for producers to sell their products at fixed prices, and the proposed compensation will not be enough to cover the lost profit.

They can start redirecting trade flows for export or warehouse pending freezing, the authors explained.

Secondly, they added, it is possible that after the restrictions are lifted, prices will return to growth at an accelerated pace.

Earlier, the Kremlin said that the government has taken effective measures to stabilize food prices.

As the press secretary of the president Dmitry Peskov emphasized, the main thing is "to avoid the amplitude going beyond the permissible seasonal fluctuations and the international conjuncture."