Osaka Gas announced that it has succeeded in reducing the cost of parts used in the manufacturing process by 90% for a technology called "metanation" that takes in carbon dioxide and produces raw materials for city gas toward the realization of a carbon-free society. did.

He explained that it was a big step toward practical use.

Methane is a technology that produces methane by taking in carbon dioxide and synthesizing it with hydrogen.

Methane is the main raw material for city gas, and even if the gas is burned, carbon dioxide is taken in at the stage of synthesis, so the amount of carbon dioxide emissions can be offset and it is planned to be virtually zero.

Osaka Gas has been researching this technology for many years, and announced at a press conference held on the 25th that it has succeeded in significantly reducing the cost of parts used in the manufacturing process.

In Metanation, there is a process of extracting hydrogen from water, but it is said that it will be possible to use inexpensive metals for necessary parts and reduce costs by 90%.

Until now, reducing the cost of producing hydrogen has been an issue, but the company explains that it is a major step toward practical use.

Osaka Gas is aiming to supply gas using metanations at the Osaka Kansai Expo to be held in 2025.

And by 2050, we want to put it to practical use for the general public.