Chateraise Holdings, a confectionery maker headquartered in Kofu City, has acquired all the shares of Kameya Mannendo, a long-established confectionery store in Tokyo, and made it a subsidiary.

According to the announcement, on January 15, Chateraise Holdings acquired all shares of Kameya Mannendo, a long-established confectionery store headquartered in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, and its manufacturing company, making both companies subsidiaries.

Kameya Mannendo is known for its sweets such as "Nabona" ​​in which Sadaharu Oh appeared in commercials, and has 29 directly managed stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Chateraise is a confectionery maker that is expanding its business, with approximately 650 stores in Japan and overseas. With this acquisition, the well-known Kameya Mannendo brand will strengthen the Japanese confectionery field and ▼ purchase by expanding the scale. It is said that the aim is to improve the efficiency of.

The "Kameya Mannendo" brand will remain, and in addition to opening a new store in Yamanashi prefecture next year, it plans to open franchise stores nationwide from next year onwards.

Chateraise Holdings commented, "We have decided that we can provide new added value by leveraging the strengths of both parties. We would like to share our sales know-how and further enhance our overall strength as a group."

Chateraise HD Chairman Hiroshi Saito "Becoming Japan's leading Japanese sweets brand"

Hiroshi Saito, Chairman of Chateraise Holdings, said, "I think the great brand power of Kameya Mannendo is very important. Also, if Chateraise's strengths are added to Kameya Mannendo, we can grow further. By making it a Japanese confectionery brand that represents Japan, we got along with President Daisuke Hikichi. "