To measure high-quality development, a set of interrelated and indivisible scientific indicator systems is naturally needed.

However, recently, there have been voices in the public opinion field that simply use GDP indicators to talk about heroes and compare heights, drawing some biased conclusions, which must be taken seriously.

  From an objective point of view, GDP is a "display screen" that reflects the dynamics of economic and social development.

However, if you treat it as the only indicator and pursue an excessive increase in absolute numbers, you may do stupid things at the expense of tomorrow regardless of environmental degradation, ecological damage, and resource depletion. It is easy for some officials to develop eagerness for quick success and rejoicing. , Exhausted zeal and fish, ostentatious, fabricated bad habits of "political achievements".

The huge price we have paid for extensive growth should not be forgotten.

  What's more, our country has turned to a stage of high-quality development.

High-quality development is the development that can well meet the people’s growing needs for a better life, the development that reflects the new development concept, the innovation that becomes the first driving force, the coordination becomes the endogenous feature, the green becomes the universal form, and the openness becomes the only way and sharing Become the fundamental purpose of development.

In the final analysis, it is from "has it" to "good or not".

The "fast" or "slow" of a local economic development may be seen in the GDP index. As for the question of "good", it depends on whether the development of economy, society, nature and other aspects are compatible and mutually adaptable. To promote, it is necessary to add specific indicators corresponding to the requirements of the new development concept in addition to the GDP indicators to measure.

The latest data recently released by the National Bureau of Statistics show that in 2020, my country’s total GDP will exceed 100 trillion yuan for the first time. At the same time, the national industrial added value, equipment manufacturing added value, high-tech manufacturing above designated size, high-tech Industrial investment and other indicators have achieved growth against the trend, and my country's economy is firmly moving towards high-quality development.

  In recent times, whether it is a more proactive fiscal policy, a more flexible and appropriate monetary policy, and a comprehensively strengthened employment priority policy, all counter-cyclical adjustments have been closely aiming at the "target" of high-quality development. The purpose of a batch of transformative, tractional, and iconic measures is to stimulate high-quality development.

The wisdom of development lies in being able to adapt to new situations and seize new opportunities.

In the context of promoting high-quality development as the theme, any region has its comparative advantages.

The economic development of a region is great if it is big and strong, and it is also good if it is small but excellent and beautiful. The key is to promote the development of higher quality, more efficient, fairer, more sustainable and safer economy. Competitiveness and advantages.

How to find and make good use of such advantages will provide more room for leading cadres at all levels to play a role, and will also pose a greater challenge to the high-quality development of various regions.

  To meet challenges and actively seek change, it is very important to assess the effectiveness of the "baton".

With the promotion of high-quality development as the theme, it is necessary to establish a cadre evaluation index system with its own focus and characteristics in accordance with the responsibilities of different regions and different levels of leadership groups and leading cadres.

We must focus on how much a team or cadre has done to promote party building, steady growth, benefiting people’s livelihood, and promoting harmony, how much it has done to lay the foundation, benefit the long-term, and sustainably, and how much it has done to overcome difficulties. Guide leading cadres to truly pay attention to the improvement of the quality and efficiency of economic development.

In response, the Central Organization Department has issued the "Notice on Improving the Performance Evaluation for Promoting High-Quality Development," and localities have also improved the key points of the evaluation according to requirements.

The key to the next step is to truly implement the results of the assessment, unblock the channels for "the ones who do have their place", set up the "doers who can benefit" the podium, sound the alarm of "the ones who don't do it", and guide leaders at all levels to create Achievements that can withstand the tests of the masses, practice, and history, and hand in beautiful answers.

(Source of Jin Guanping: Economic Daily-China Economic Net)