Honda's labor union, a major automobile manufacturer, has decided to forgo the demand for raising the basic salary, which is equivalent to the so-called bear, in this spring battle.

Based on the fact that the performance of this year is expected to be lower than the previous year due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it is the first time in eight years that the bear request has been postponed.

Honda's labor union has decided to forgo the request for a wage increase equivalent to a basic salary increase = so-called base increase in this spring battle.

This is because sales are expected to decline mainly around the spring of last year due to the impact of the new coronavirus, and this year's business performance is expected to be lower than the previous year.

In addition, given that the government has set a goal of turning all new cars into electric cars by the mid-2030s, it will be necessary to invest in electrification in the future, and bears demand for the first time in eight years since 2013. I will see you off.

The policy is to request a lump sum payment, which is a bonus, for 5.3 months a year, 0.7 months less than last year's request.

In addition, in the automobile industry, Mazda's labor union has also decided to forgo Bear's request.

On the 26th, the "Labor-Management Forum" attended by Keidanren and the executives of the Confederation will be held, and the spring battle will actually start. , Is likely to affect other industries as well.