China News Service, Fuzhou, January 25 (Wang Yiming) According to the Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology on the 25th, the industrial economy of Putian City, Fujian Province will grow against the trend in 2020, and the added value of the city's industrial enterprises above designated size will increase by 2.2% over the previous year. ; Advanced manufacturing investment increased by 25.8% year-on-year, 23.8 percentage points higher than the average increase in the province, ranking first in the province.

  Under the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, "preserving the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain" has become an important measure for all parts of Fujian to coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development since last year.

Putian City focuses on supplementing, extending, and strengthening the industrial chain, comprehensively integrates resources such as talents, capital, and information, and accurately empowers key industries to help the industrial economy achieve high-quality development.

  Since 2020, Putian has strengthened investment promotion, coordinated the implementation of industrial projects, and promoted the development of the industrial chain.

In the new functional materials industry, Putian Municipal Party Committee leaders led a team to the seven major petrochemical bases across the country to attract investment, and successfully introduced 2×1 million tons/year propane to propylene and downstream new materials projects with a total investment of 39.6 billion yuan and a total investment of 14 billion yuan. Yongrong Technology Caprolactam Phase II Project.

  In the electronic information industry, Putian has established investment promotion liaison offices in Shenzhen, Beijing and other national electronic information industry development highlands, established the New Engineering Industry College and the Southeast Information Technology Research Institute of BIT, and established the Southeast Digital Transformation Investment Fund and other industrial funds to promote a total investment of 102 Major projects such as the southeast headquarters base of Datang 5G industry with a total investment of RMB 5 billion and the entire industrial chain of digital Bluetooth smart terminals with a total investment of RMB 5 billion have been completed.

Focusing on the new energy industry, the "Putian City to Create a National New Energy Industry Innovation Demonstration Zone Construction Plan" was the first to be drafted and compiled in Fujian, and was jointly approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration at the end of 2020.

  Putian also organized key industrial policy research groups by industry to clarify the industrial chain and technical direction, and promote the successful approval of new functional materials to build a national strategic emerging industrial cluster. 6 projects in the cluster were awarded the national strategic emerging industrial cluster special financing plan 1 billion yuan preferential interest rate loan support; focus on attracting talents, attracting projects with talents, and introducing a group of high-end projects and talents.

Among them, the life and health industry policy research team successfully promoted the construction of the country's first ion equipment and its supporting production base in cooperation with the Institute of Near Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and introduced a number of major projects and technology innovation platforms such as the Putian Institute of Lanzhou University.

  In addition, Putian has introduced a series of measures to promote the development of the digital economy, creating a national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone (Fujian) bearing area; organized the launch of a special action "thousands of cadres to help thousands of enterprises, stabilize industries and promote development", and have successfully coordinated and solved various industries The difficulties and problems encountered by more than 300 enterprises in the chain in production, operation and project construction.

  Focusing on industrial investment and development zone construction, Putian City promoted the reform of the development zone and state-owned enterprises' system and mechanism, and systematically integrated 10 municipal state-owned enterprises into five major groups.

After the reorganization, the city's state-owned asset investment group fully participated in the investment and construction of the second phase of Yongrong's integrated lactam project; established a 3 billion yuan footwear industry investment fund to create an international shoe art town.