Xinhua News Agency, Taiyuan, January 25 (Reporters Lv Mengqi, Xie Yuan) China (Taiyuan) Coal Trading Center released the latest comprehensive transaction price index on January 25 of 144.06 points, up 1.83% from the previous month, since November 2, 2020 In the future, it rose for 12 consecutive periods.

  Specifically, the thermal coal index was 131.39 points, up 3.55% from the previous month; the clean coal index for coking was 169.74 points, up 0.07% from the previous month; the clean coal index for injection was 164.48 points, unchanged from the previous month; the chemical raw coal index was 109.96 points, up from the previous month. 2.90%.

  The China (Taiyuan) Coal Trading Center analyzes that the temperature has rebounded slightly recently, the overall heating power load for residents has decreased compared with the previous period, the daily coal consumption of power plants in many places has fluctuated and dropped, and the pace of power companies' replenishment has slowed down, but domestic security checks Environmental protection has not diminished. There is little room for coal mines to increase production, coal companies’ inventories are generally low, and there are still coal vehicles in some mining areas; the coke market is operating well, and mainstream areas have implemented the fourteenth round of coke price increases, with a cumulative increase of 900 RMB/ton, coke supply and demand are booming, coking companies are not diminishing in production enthusiasm, and the operating rate remains at a high level; in terms of chemical coal, the anthracite lump coal market in the province continues to rise during this period, and the production of coal companies is relatively stable. Large coal companies in Jincheng The price of lump coal is generally raised by 30 yuan/ton, and the price of lump coal by local coal companies is raised by 20 yuan/ton to 50 yuan/ton.