(Economic Observation) Breaking the conventional "signs" How does Shanghai strengthen the "five-type economy"?

  China News Agency, Shanghai, January 25th (Reporter Miao Lu) Strengthening and optimizing the "five-type economy" has been raised by Shanghai to a new height.

At the Shanghai Two Sessions that are being held here, the "five-type economy" was not only included in the work report of the Shanghai government for the first time, but on the 25th the Shanghai CPPCC held a special meeting to "strengthen and optimize the "five-type economy" to create a "central node" and a "strategic link". '"Thematic meeting invites members from various fields to provide suggestions and suggestions.

  With the development of science and technology, especially information technology, economic formats are increasingly showing the characteristics of in-depth integration, and industry boundaries are becoming more and more blurred. In this context, Shanghai has proposed the development of a "five-type economy" strategy, that is, an innovative economy, Service economy, headquarters economy, open economy, flow economy.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Shanghai intends to break the "conventional gestures and stereotypes", jump out of the industry "frame", go beyond the traditional "second and third industries", tailor a batch of precise support policies, and create a batch of unique " "Five-type economy" agglomeration area.

  At the Fifth Session of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress held on the 24th, Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng further interpreted the "five-type economy".

Gong Zheng pointed out that the key to the development of an innovative economy is talents, and to accelerate the cultivation of strategic scientific and technological talents, leading scientific and technological talents and high-level innovative teams with global vision and international standards; the key to developing a service-oriented economy is branding, and accelerating the promotion of the productive service industry The extension of specialization and the high-end value chain, and the upgrading of the life service industry to high-quality and diversification; the key to the development of a headquarters-based economy is to accelerate the implementation of the "Headquarters Increased Capacity" plan; the key to the development of an open economy is the channel. Accelerate the construction of a number of hub-based, functional, networked, and intelligent infrastructure; the key to developing a traffic-based economy is the platform, and accelerate the creation of traditional offline traffic platforms and new online traffic platforms.

  Looking at the development experience and changing trends of the world’s top cities, the structure based on the service economy, the core injected by high-level innovation, and the high concentration of headquarters, high-frequency traffic convergence, and deep integration into the world are the commanding heights of economic development and constitute A necessary condition for competitiveness.

If Shanghai wants to deeply integrate into the global cooperation and competition pattern, this must be the direction.

  Tong Jisheng, deputy director of the Economic Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Orient International (Group) Co., Ltd., pointed out that to build a "five-type economy", it is necessary to accelerate the cultivation of leading local multinational companies as a focal point, and cultivate Shanghai enterprises to participate on behalf of China Ability to cooperate and communicate in international competition.

Taking the coordinated reform of government management functions as a foothold, "The current economic development model is the linear economic development model of the past, while the'five economy' is an intersecting and parallel integrated model. Each department becomes a department, and a leading program provides a good policy environment for the development of the "five-type economy"."

  In cultivating the head enterprises of local multinational companies, state-owned enterprises bear important responsibilities.

Shen Kaiyan, director of the Institute of Economics of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, believes that as an important part of the Shanghai market, state-owned enterprises need to promote Shanghai to build a "central node" and become a "strategic link" through innovation, openness, services, and elements.

Shanghai's state-owned enterprises must strengthen internal cooperation and open up the bridgehead function, increase their efforts to focus on high-end links, strengthen the control of the industrial chain, further highlight the spillover effect of the accumulation of innovative resources, enhance the efficiency of scientific and technological sources, and further activate the stock value space , To stimulate global allocation dividends.

  In response to the construction of an open economy, PwC Asia Pacific and China Chairman Zhao Baiji said that the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused a serious impact on the global economy, but the latest ranking of the Global Financial Center Index shows that the confidence of domestic and foreign investors in Shanghai has not decreased, on the contrary. increase.

At present, Shanghai already has China's leading financial product trading platform, and all major platforms have relatively rich experience in talents, technology, product development, and market cultivation.

However, as an international financial center, Shanghai still has room for improvement in terms of transaction types, investor structure, international influence of market pricing, and internationalization of services.

  Zhao Baiji believes that it is necessary to continuously improve the soft power of Shanghai's financial services with innovative thinking and technology, further expand its opening, and attract more leading global companies with innovative benchmarking significance to list on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, strengthen the headquarters economy, and enrich investment channels , Attracting more foreign investors to continuously introduce new flows for the development of Shanghai.