A shocking scandal in the medical beauty industry!

The well-known "face-lift needle" product has been revoked!

Some products have flowed into my country's beauty salons...

  A few days ago, the Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency revoked the license of a face-lifting needle product owned by a well-known Korean biopharmaceutical company. This measure will take effect tomorrow (26th), and related products are also circulating on the Chinese market.

  Which product was the license revoked this time, and what was the reason for the revocation?

  The license revoked by the Korea Food and Drug Safety Agency this time is the botulinum toxin type A Innotox produced by South Korea’s Medto, which took effect on the 26th of this month.

The Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency stated that according to the investigation by the prosecutors, the company forged experimental materials and violated relevant laws in the process of applying for and changing licenses for Innotox's drugs.

On December 22 last year, the Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency ordered Medto to suspend production and sales of related products, and required companies to recall or destroy products in circulation.

  Botulinum toxin is also called botulinum toxin or botulinum toxin, which is the component of the face-lifting needle that people often call.

It is widely used in cosmetic plastic surgery and has the effects of improving wrinkles and thinning face.

On the basis of 2019, the Korean botulinum toxin market has reached 150 billion won, or about 880 million yuan. As the first company in South Korea to obtain a botulinum toxin license, Meideto has a market share of 36%.

On the 18th of this month, as soon as the Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency made a relevant decision, the stock price of Midto plummeted 11.33% at the close of the day.

  Up to now, all three botulinum toxin products under Medto have been revoked by the Korean Food and Drug Safety Agency. In addition to this time, Innotox, there are also Meditoxin and Coretox that were revoked last year.

In related industries in China, Medto has also been translated as Medto.

  Although Meidero's botulinum toxin products have been exported to some countries and regions around the world, these three botulinum toxin products have not yet been approved by the China National Medical Products Administration.

It should be noted that these three botulinum toxin products have been used in some non-medical institutions such as beauty salons in China through channels such as purchasing agents.

  Consumers are reminded to pay more attention when choosing botulinum toxin products.