Many people don't know how to use their carrier membership points even though they want to use them.

The impact of Corona 19 has made it more difficult for customers to enjoy membership benefits.However, as non-face-to-face services have increased, telecom companies that have improved their sales performance are reducing the benefits they had, let alone compensation.

This is Kim Ki-tae.


Kim Mo, an employee in her 40s, was never able to use the free movie ticket provided as a VIP membership benefit of SK Telecom last year.

According to the quarantine guidelines, movie theaters were banned from screenings after 9pm, and Kim, who was late from work, could not find the right time.

I asked the carrier if there was any way to utilize the unused benefits.

[Kim/SKT VIP users: They can't say go to the theater or dry.

That's your problem.

The conclusion is, if you don't go, you have to deal with it.] It depends on

special circumstances, but there are many reactions that it is irresponsible to blame the individual without any alternatives such as delaying the expiration date.

[Kim/SKT VIP users: People who use VIP rates have a reason to use them.

I watch movies often like me, so I'll try to increase the rate plan.]

That's not all.

Carriers have reduced their existing membership benefits this year.

SK Telecom abolished the movie advance ticket benefit, which was given to customers with high-priced plans, two per month, and KT also reduced the benefits of free movies by limiting it to only one Lotte Cinema and LG U+ to CGV.

Instead, it was replaced with discount vouchers such as subsidiary music sources and OTT, but most of them have a low discount rate or a condition that requires a minimum amount of payment.

An official from the telecom company claimed that it was not possible to reveal the scale of the disappeared points.

As non-face-to-face demand increased sharply due to the coronavirus, the three mobile operators are expected to achieve operating profit surpluses of 1 trillion won each last year, resulting in a sharp increase in performance from the previous year.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, Video editing: Park Ji-in)