A price increase of nearly 30 yuan/jin a day?

The price of live shrimp has soared!

Some varieties have increased in price by 50%!

Farmers are reluctant to sell, why?

  The Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, and buying new year goods has become one of the most important things for people.

In this new year's season, the once popular imported seafood has been eclipsed by the impact of the epidemic, and the popularity of local seafood has become more and more prosperous.

  Guangdong: The volume and price of domestically produced live shrimp are rising in preparation for the New Year season

  The Huangsha Aquatic Products Trading Market is the largest integrated aquatic products market in Guangzhou. Near the end of the year, more people come here to purchase.

Mr. Tang from Guangzhou often comes here to buy aquatic products. Today he bought some prawns and felt that the price has started to rise significantly.

  Guangzhou citizens: These days it is a bit more expensive, 30 shrimps are more than 100 yuan, and 70 yuan a few days ago.

  Mr. Zheng, who has been dealing in aquatic products in the Guangzhou market for more than ten years, is busy changing the price of Jiujie Shrimp.

  Guangzhou aquatic product operators: This is called Jiujie Shrimp. Yesterday’s large batch was 90 yuan/jin, and today’s batch was 120 yuan/jin, an increase of tens of yuan/jin.

  Guangzhou aquatic product operators: Those shrimps were sold out this morning, and they are quite expensive now.

  In the Guangzhou Huangsha Aquatic Products Trading Market, many business households that used to sell imported frozen shrimps have adjusted their business directions as the sales of imported frozen shrimps have fallen sharply.

  Guangzhou aquatic product operators: If they don't do it, they will change and transform, and now they do some domestically made things.

  Relevant data from China Customs shows that in November, shrimp (including Argentine red shrimp) entered the port of approximately 32,200 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 52%; imports were approximately US$179 million, a year-on-year decrease of 57%.

  Chen Rijia, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of Guangdong Aquatic Products Circulation and Processing Association: Our main live shrimp species in Guangdong is Penaeus vannamei. Guangdong’s annual output of 600,000 to 700,000 tons is now close to the Spring Festival. Some species and specifications are compared. An increase of about 50%.

  The amount of live shrimp stored in ponds has dropped year-on-year, prices have risen, farmers are reluctant to sell

  The sales volume of imported frozen shrimp has dropped sharply this year, and the demand for domestically produced live shrimp has continued to grow. What about the business of upstream farming and processing companies?

How will the price of live shrimp change in the future?

  Doumen District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province is located on the west bank of the Pearl River Estuary, where the saltwater meets fresh water. The unique water resources are very suitable for shrimp farming.

Affected by multiple factors, live shrimp farmers in Guangdong generally stated that the amount of live shrimp in ponds has decreased this year.

  Live shrimp farmers in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province: I expect the price of vannamei shrimp may continue to rise.

This is because the current storage rate of Penaeus vannamei in our entire market is lower than last year.

  Live shrimp farmers in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province: It is still relatively reluctant to sell, because although the price is high this year, our overall production this year is still relatively low.

  Industry insiders said that with the decrease in imported frozen shrimp, domestic live shrimp may continue to rise due to seasonal increases in consumption demand.

The reporter visited a number of aquatic product processing companies in Guangdong and learned that the processing companies have already stocked some deep-processed products to cope with the increased demand in the holiday consumer market.

  Chen Quan, general manager of the business department of an aquatic product company in Guangdong Province: We have also purchased and stored more than 4,000 tons of shrimp despite the low price of raw materials.

  Xie Zuming, general manager of an aquatic product company in Guangdong Province: Now that the market demand for live shrimp is relatively large, our factory can only process some fish and other seafood products.