[Heavy preview] Oil prices may rise for six consecutive days; entering the United States will be quarantined for 7 days

  China-Singapore Jingwei Client, January 24 (Fu Yumei) Next week (January 25-31, 2021), 2021 Lunar New Year common commemorative coins will be issued, the Federal Reserve will announce interest rate decisions, Apple, Tesla, etc. US stock companies will release earnings reports.

What other major events are worth paying attention to next week, come and see!


  Next week, the central bank’s open market has 614 billion yuan in reverse repurchase and 240.5 billion yuan in TMLF will expire, and the total funds will reach 854.5 billion yuan.

As of January 22, the central bank conducted a total of 614 billion yuan of reverse repurchase operations this week. During the same period, 16 billion yuan of central bank reverse repurchases expired. Therefore, open market operations achieved a net investment of 598 billion yuan.

The industry believes that there is a large funding gap before the Spring Festival, and the central bank's continued net investment is worth looking forward to.

  The Spring Festival Transport in 2021 will start on January 28 and end on March 8, for a total of 40 days.

The National Health Commission stated that returning home with a negative nucleic acid test will be implemented from the beginning of the Spring Festival on January 28 to the end of the Spring Festival on March 8.

  A new round of refined oil price adjustment window will be opened at 24:00 on January 29, after oil prices have achieved "five consecutive rises".

Zhongyu Information stated that the current crude oil market's macroscopic direction and fundamentals are in a relatively good state, and crude oil prices should still have room to rise in the future.

Through the latest data model testing, the latest round of zero price limit on domestic refined oil products is expected to rise temporarily.

  The People's Bank of China is scheduled to issue a common commemorative coin for the 2021 Lunar New Year on January 29.

The main background pattern on the back is a head-up cow that combines traditional Chinese paper-cutting art with elements of decorative New Year pictures, and the background pattern is lanterns and grains.

The denomination is 10 yuan, the diameter is 27 mm, and the material is two-color copper alloy.

The number of issued is 150 million, of which 140 million are reserved for exchange (including 10,000 historical currency files), and the number of binding sales is 10 million.

  The first batch of strategic placement shares of 32 select companies will be lifted collectively on January 27.

Among them, 15 companies have arranged strategic placements at the time of the public offering. Coupled with the share sharing technology that shareholders take the initiative to add promises, 16 companies will be under pressure to lift the ban next week.

Statistics show that the average number of shares lifted from the 16 companies next week accounted for 2.66% of the total share capital.

  Liang Tao, vice chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, revealed that next week, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will hold a supervisory work meeting to make comprehensive arrangements for work in 2021.

On January 22, Liang Tao stated at a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council that it is necessary to persevere in advancing the improvement of corporate governance of bancassurance institutions, deepen the organic integration of party leadership and corporate governance, strictly regulate equity management, and strengthen directors, supervisors and senior governance bodies. Duty performance supervision.

  The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued an APP notification on violations of user rights and interests. Recently, it organized a third-party testing agency to inspect mobile phone applications and urged companies with problems to make rectifications.

Up to now, there are still 157 APPs, including QQ Sync Assistant, 360 Cleaner, and Yonghui Life, which have not been rectified. The above-mentioned apps should be completed before January 29.

  Guoyuan Securities pointed out that in early 2021, affected by repeated epidemics in many places and the in-situ New Year initiative, the impact of holidays on production is expected to be less than that of the same period in previous years, but the epidemic may have an impact on the peak consumption season of the Spring Festival.

Taking into account the tightening of liquidity around the Spring Festival, follow-up needs to pay attention to the impact of monetary policy changes on capital.


  According to the US "Capitol Hill" report, US President Biden signed an executive order on the 21st, in accordance with the recommendations of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), requiring international travelers to quarantine for 7 days after arriving in the United States, and at least before departure Accept the new coronavirus nucleic acid test for three days, and the executive order will take effect on January 26.

  According to US Consumer News and Business Channel, US Senate Majority Leader Schumer stated on the 22nd that the House of Representatives will submit the Trump impeachment documents to the Senate next Monday.

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the impeachment clause against Trump on January 13, accusing him of "sedition to rebellion."

Trump became the first president in American history to be impeached twice.

  According to the English Herald, the New Zealand government will conduct daily saliva tests on staff at borders and isolation facilities, as well as regular weekly tests.

The COVID-19 response minister stated that starting from Monday, January 25, saliva testing will be conducted on the staff of the Jet Park quarantine facility in Auckland, and then extended to other controlled isolation and quarantine facilities in Wellington and Christchurch.

  Apple will announce its financial report for the first quarter of fiscal 2021 on January 28, Beijing time. This quarter's results are expected to disclose the sales performance of iPhone 12 and M1 Mac models.

  Tesla will announce its financial report for the fourth quarter and the full year ending on December 31, 2020 on January 28, Beijing time, and hold a financial report meeting to discuss the company's performance and future prospects.


  Next week, China will release the balance of service trade in December, the volume of foreign exchange market transactions in December, and the profits of industrial enterprises in December; the United States will release the number of initial jobless claims that week and the disposable income per capita in December; Japan will release the unemployment rate in December ; Germany will announce economic data such as the initial value of the fourth quarter GDP annual rate.

  On January 29, China will release the balance of trade in services for December 2020.

Previous data showed that in November, my country's international trade in goods and services income and expenditures amounted to 1,438 billion yuan in terms of balance of payments, with a surplus of 384.5 billion yuan.

  On January 29, Japan will release a summary of opinions from the Bank of Japan's interest rate meeting announced in January.

The Bank of Japan has revised its fiscal 2020 GDP target from -5.5% to -5.6%.

The Bank of Japan’s interest rate decision and the current economic assessment are revised downwards.

The Bank of Japan maintains the short-term interest rate at -0.1%, and the target of Japan's 10-year government bond yield of approximately 0% remains unchanged.

New shares

  There will be 2 new shares listed next week and 13 new shares will be purchased.

  On January 25th, Driving Force (code: 838275.OC) and Jushi Chemical (code: 688669.SH) will be listed.

On the same day, Nanjiguang (code: 300940.SZ) will apply for purchase.

  On January 26, Sanhe Pipe Pile (code: 003037.SZ) and Changhong Energy (code: 836239.OC) will be subscribed.

  On January 27, China Gold (code: 600916.SH), Liziyuan (code: 605337.SH), Kain Technology (code: 688687.SH), Tongli shares (code: 834599.OC) 4 stocks Make a purchase.

  On January 28, Huakang (code: 605077.SH) and Huarui Precision (code: 688059.SH) will subscribe.

  On January 29, 4 stocks of Zongheng (code: 688070.SH), Sifang Optoelectronics (code: 688665.SH), Chuangzhi Technology (code: 300941.SZ), and Yirui Biology (code: 300942.SZ) Make a purchase.

  Among the individual stocks listed next week, the driving force is a national high-tech enterprise.

The main business scope is feed additive wholesale; feed additive retail; feed retail; feed wholesale; animal husbandry scientific research services; biological technology development services.

  The main business of Jushi Chemical is the research and development, production and sales of flame retardants, modified plastic particles and products.

After years of innovation and accumulation, it has possessed core technologies including halogen-free flame retardant chemical synthesis and compound application technology, flame-retardant modified plastic preparation technology, functional polymer material technology and other core technologies. It is a domestic advanced functional plastic and auxiliary One of the high-performance plastics and resin manufacturers with integrated management of chemicals.


  At least 74 funds will be launched next week, of which 40 funds will start on January 25, and the other funds will start on January 26-28. Only one fund will start on January 30.

Among the initial fund types, hybrid funds accounted for the majority, followed by equity funds, and bond funds accounted for a relatively small proportion.

The minimum subscription starting point is RMB 1 and the maximum is RMB 1,000.

In addition, 5 funds will be listed next week.


  January 25:

  From January 25th to 29th, the World Economic Forum will host the 2021 "Davos Agenda" dialogue meeting, with the theme "Grasp the critical year and rebuild trust among all parties", focusing on the three themes of COVID-19, climate change and cooperation.

  January 27:

  From January 27th to 28th, the Global New Energy Vehicle Conference (GNEV11) was held online.

  January 28:

  In January, the Fed announced its interest rate decision, and Fed Chairman Powell held a press conference.

  Sustainable development is held online at the China Summit Forum.

today in History

  On January 24, 1965, the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill passed away.

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