First place of fall of the house, your bathroom must be adapted to your age.


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A third of those over 65 and half of those over 85 are victims of at least one fall each year, including two out of three at home, according to Public Health France.

However, a better layout of spaces, the choice of suitable floor coverings and especially the installation of safety equipment make it possible to avoid it.

And different devices can help finance them.

APA, help for all

From the age of 60, people with a certain degree of dependency (assessment on the Aggir grid) can claim the personalized autonomy allowance, better known as the APA, in order to cover part of the cost of a house. pensions or expenses necessary to stay in their home.

In the latter case, the envelope then includes personal services but also the acquisition of equipment (tele-assistance, grab bars, etc.) or even home improvement work.

If there is no income condition to be met to be eligible, the amount allocated will however depend on your resources.

Check with the departmental council or a local gerontological information and coordination center (CLIC).

The Anah, the absolute reference

The “Easy Living” program of the National Housing Agency (Anah) helps finance part of the cost of adaptation work, such as installing a shower or an electric stairlift.

To benefit from it, you must be the owner of a home built, in principle, more than fifteen years ago, prove a disability or loss of autonomy and respect a level of income.

The envelope then reaches 50% of the amount of the site excluding taxes, within the limit of 10,000 euros, for a household with very modest resources (less than 21,760 euros of reference tax income for a couple in the region in 2020), against a in charge of 35% and 7,000 euros in case of modest resources (27,896 euros in our example).

Make your request online at or contact Anah on 0820 15 15 15 (0.05 euro / min).

Retirement insurance as a back-up

Your pension fund can not only offer you home services but also advise you on the creation of interior fittings and help finance them.

"Help for aging well at home" can thus take charge of making your home more accessible, transforming your bathroom and other motorized roller shutters.

The amount awarded depends on your resources and the cost of the site.

Ask at the counter of your regional bank or contact them on 39 60 (0.06 euro / min).

Certain complementary funds can also intervene.

In the absence of funding, the Agirc-Arcco (the employees' scheme), for example, offers a housing diagnosis by an occupational therapist from the age of 75.

More info on 0 971 090 971 (not surcharged).

New: your targeted bathroom

A new support system was put in place in September 2019: assistance for adapting housing to aging.

This subsidy, managed by Action Logement, is reserved for those over 70 retired from the private or agricultural sector and to employees with loss of autonomy who fall into the category of Anah's modest resources.

On the work side, your bathroom and sanitary facilities are targeted.

More precisely, it involves having at least one of the following three operations carried out: the installation of a shower, that of a washbasin suitable for a person with reduced mobility or that of a toilet bowl.


In addition, you can also widen your toilet door, change the floor and wall covering in these rooms, redo the electricity, install security lighting or even install grab bars.

In total, the envelope can reach up to 5,000 euros.

Contact Action Logement on 0 970 830 831 or do an online simulation on


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Aid in brief

  • A tax credit: the tax authorities allow you to deduct from your tax 25% of the cost of adaptation work and accessibility of housing for a senior (ceiling of 5,000 euros for a single person and 10,000 euros for a couple ) every five years.

    If the amount of the rebate exceeds the amount of your tax, the excess is paid to you.

  • Local aid: some local authorities offer grants or advantageous loans to seniors.

    Find out more from your municipality, department and region.

All these aids require obtaining an agreement of the file before having the work carried out by a professional.

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